In uniform

Monday 26 August, Palmeiras commemorate 99 years. Ever since 2006 – and after an initiative of supporter Marcelo Santa Vicca – Palmeiras’ birthday has been known as the Green Tsunami: a metaphor for the large number of palmeirenses taking to the streets wearing our colours. It will not be different this year.

The other day I was at the local bakery when a man, wearing the jersey of a rival team, acted rather disrespectfully toward an older lady. The incident was brief, but his behaviour was noted by several people in the establishment. After he left, at least two of the bystanders made some sort of remark relating to his team.

This made me reflect upon an often overseen fact: when we pull on our Palmeiras jersey, we are in uniform. While wearing the uniform, we embody Palmeiras. We are Palmeiras, Palmeiras are us. With that comes responsibilities, like it or not.

Tomorrow – while in your, while in OUR uniform – keep in mind that you are representing not only yourself but also 15 million other supporters and a respected institutions with almost a century of glories. Let that sink in, let that influence your thinking, your acting, your presence. Let that guide you in your interaction with all brothers and sisters in our society. Make us proud.

— ooo —

Anything Palmeiras not only encourages you to participate in the Tsunami Verde, but also to send in your picture. Going with the international spirit of this blog, the picture should be snapped abroad, i.e. outside of Brazil, and of course on the 26 August 2013. The motif could be you, your friends, your family, anyone anywhere… Just make sure everyone’s in their Palmeiras jerseys.

E-mail your picture – digital (not scanned), non-edited, snapped on the 26 of August 2013 (date visible either on the picture or contained/tagged within the picture) – to together with your name and the name of the city where the picture was taken. All contributions that comply with the above specifications will be posted on the blog.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


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