Multiple sources confirm that a deal has been reached between Palmeiras and Dynamo Kiyv: at a price tag of approximately € 5M, Tchê Tchê is heading for Ukraine. Considering that Palmeiras hold 100% of the player’ economic rights, and that Tchê arrived at zero cost, the offer is far too good to pass up.

Tchê Tchê has scored 5 goals in 112 appearances for Palmeiras since joining the club from Audax in 2016. This will be the player’s first international experience. He joins forward Júnior Moraes as the second Brazilian-born player in Dynamo Kiyv’s squad.

Tchê Tchê was, for two consecutives years, the player with most appearances in the Brazilian Championship for Palmeiras: in 2016, he featured in 37 out of 38 games and in 2017, in 34 games. In the victorious campaign of 2016, he was nominated as one of the best midfielders of the championship.


Tchê Tchê against Junior Barranquilla, last Wednesday. Probably, his last game for Palmeiras (photo credits: Cesar Greco/Ag. Palmeiras)

A versatile player, Tchê Tchê’s usual position is as defensive midfielder, but he has often taken up position as fullback. In 2018, the good performances of Felipe Melo and Bruno Henrique saw him lose space in the regular starting-eleven and now, with Jean and Moisés returning from injury, seems a good time for departure.

Good luck, Tchê Tchê! Thank you for your excellent contributions during the Brazilian Championship of 2016. We will never forget.


Yesterday night, Palmeiras’ Deliberate Council voted on a number of proposals for statuary change, including the length of future presidential mandates, going from 2 to 3 years, and when to implement the change.

Although extending the mandate per se is an important improvement for Palmeiras, the universal consensus is that one does not alter the rules of an election while at course: very much the case at Palmeiras, where presidential candidates this year have their sights on the 2019-2020 mandate. In late 2016, Galiotte was elected for a two-year mandate (2017-2018), with one re-election allowed. The immediate implementation of an extended mandate would violate the premises on which Galiotte was elected (2+2 years), aggravated by the change occurring during election year.

Nevertheless, the change went through, thanks to the skilful manoeuvrings of Leila Pereira, president of FAM and Crefisa, Palmeiras’ master sponsors.

Mrs. Pereiras’ ascension within Palmeiras is unparalleled. In early 2015, she was unheard of. Today, through the statuary change, she is seen as the natural successor to the 2019-2021 president (read Maurício Galiotte): by extending the upcoming mandate until end of 2021, Mrs. Pereira by a narrow margin becomes eligible, accumulating the necessary years as counsellor to run for president as of 2022.
Not that few of us predicted this scenario from the outset, perceiving how the relationship between sponsor and club rapidly morphed far beyond a commercial contract. Mrs. Pereira entered Palmeiras like a steamroller, unloading a substantial sponsorship contract (Act I) to attain then President Paulo Nobre’s attention. She soon switched sides, aligning herself with infamous former President Mustafa Contursi, who helped her retain a club membership retroactively (Act II). This multi-year membership allowed her to run for a seat in the Deliberative Council, pouring rivers of money into a campaign that resulted in a record vote (Act III). Soon after her seat in the DC was secured, she did away with Mr. Contursi, making sitting President Galiotte her ally, openly supporting the statuary changes (Act IV).

Only Leila Pereira knows what Leila Pereira wants. Reportedly, the Palmeiras / Crefisa/FAM partnership has been very lucrative on both sides, but that does not explain her no holds barred approach in entering Palmeiras. The driving force seems personal. Mrs. Pereira has gone from rich and anonymous to rich and famous in a snap, and is clearly loving it. But for how long will she, and what happens when she doesn’t anymore?

What the future holds is speculative, but Palmeiras seem on a dangerous route. The increased concentration of power is bound to intensify, as Leila Pereira is used to getting things her way. Parties, dinners, trips in private jets… All this and more compose her arsenal of seduction, counsellors dancing according to her pipe.

This morning, I woke up humming to Clapton. …you’ve got me on my knees. …I’m begging, darling please. …darling won’t you ease my worried mind.

Midway into a sequence of four consecutive home games, Palmeiras are again in peace with their supporters. The two consecutive victories at the Allianz Parque scoring three goals in each of the games showed that the work carries on and is being well executed.

Against Bahia, Roger could not count on Dudu, suspended due to his third booking against Corinthians, sending Willian in his place. The rest of the starting-eleven was composed of the usual suspects.

The game was all set in the first half. Already in the 2nd minute, Keno on the right found Borja, the Colombian taking full advantage of his speed and force to drive the ball deep before cutting it back to Willian, who scored the opener. The second goal came in the 32nd minute: Marcos Rocha took a short corner to Lucas Lima, who returned the ball to the fullback, returning to the deep end to find Antônio Carlos inside the box, pushing the ball into the back of the net.

The third goal was rather interesting, not so much for the goal itself, but for the celebration. Lucas Lima found Borja with a cutting-trough vertical, our striker slotting it home by the right bottom corner of the keeper. During his celebration, Borja threw his jersey to a supporter, who held on to it for a few short moments before returning it with a smile: after all, one cannot play without a proper kit. Relieving himself of the jersey, Borja induced the referee to award him his third yellow and a suspension in next Saturday’s game against Sport; strategic, as he today temporarily left Palmeiras to join the Colombian national team in their 2018 World Cup preparations.

Not everything was about Palmeiras in the first half: Bahia had indeed some good opportunities too, but a ball off the crossbar was as close as they got, in addition to a sharp shot from Zé Rafael which took some effort from Jailson.

In the second half, Palmeiras, at ease, controlled the action, satisfied with the result, while Bahia showed little ambition of leveling the scorecard. Nevertheless, the Verdão created a number of opportunities to increase the lead, Willian blowing the best of them in the 29th minute, amazingly hitting the crossbar with the open goal in front of him. The scorecard remained unaltered until the final whistle.

When Miguel Borja was taken off the pitch, replaced by Hyoran, he was acclaimed by the whole stadium. The same player who was booed by the ultras last Wednesday after scoring a hat-trick is now, three days later, the loved one. Although some say “great, now that Borja’s finally bringing it, let’s sell him fast”. The bipolarity of Palmeiras supporters merits serious studies.

The convincing victory against Bahia assures that Palmeiras remain at the top of the table, just two points behind leader Atlético Mineiro. As Guardiola said once, “A team loses the league in the first eight games, and wins it in the last eight”. Last year, this prediction was sadly true: by the end of the eight round, Palmeiras accumulated a meager 10 points, placed 13th, 10 points behind Corinthians.

The players now turn their attention to the Brazil Cup. The third straight game at the Allianz Parque takes place on Wednesday the 23rd, against América Mineiro, determining which side advances to the quarterfinals. Palmeiras have a 2-1 advantage from the first leg. It will be interesting to see what alternative coach Machado comes up with now that our top scorer is absent.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – – 
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

Yesterday Friday, Palmeiras launched a new communication platform, entitled “TV Palmeiras Play”, which will provide exclusive content that can be accessed from a number of different devices. Although initially free, in the future, only Avanti members will have full access to the channel.

Embarking on a trend that has gained momentum with the popularization of Netflix, “TV Palmeiras Play” will feature videos of everyday life at the Club, movies and documentaries about Palmeiras, as well as live broadcasts of training sessions and games from the youth divisions and even the professional team.
“TV Palmeiras Play” is the result of a partnership with Mediastream, responsible also for the OTT (over-the-top) media services of Esporte Interativo and Cartoon Network. Palmeiras’ new platform is an extension and evolution of the YouTube channel “TV Palmeiras/FAM”, one of the ten most popular football club channels in the world, with close to 800.000 registered subscribers.

“The Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras have millions of passionate fans who want to be close to the team all the time. We, as managers of the institution, have the duty to turn this yearning into reality and ‘TV Palmeiras Play’ arrives to fulfil this mission”, club President Mauricio Galiotte explains.

The launch of Palmeiras’ streaming platform reminds us here at “Anything Palmeiras” of the all-exclusive interview we did back in 2014 with Stefano Bozzi, Head of Programmes at Manchester United’s MUTV, a 24/7 TV channel (access interview here). Although still some length to go, Palmeiras are clearly following a similar route.

In addition to the streaming platform, Palmeiras recently inaugurated the “Palmeiras Store”, a new online store with a unique strategy in Brazilian football: functioning as an shopping center, companies can use the platform to display their licensed Palmeiras products and services, taking responsibility for both sale and delivery. In this manner, all available products and services related to Palmeiras can be found under a single roof, in one place on the web.
“Palmeiras Store” is run by the club and Avanti members will enjoy special discounts, in addition to exclusive experiences tailored to their taste. Unfortunately, the site does not currently offer international shipping, but rest assured “Anything Palmeiras” will advocate for change.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi and Kristian Bengtson

In the first out of a series of four consecutive games at the Allianz Parque, Palmeiras saw the first hat-trick being scored since the inauguration of the new stadium and secured the best campaign in the group stage of the 2018 Libertadores Cup. The best campaign in the group stage guarantees that the team will always have the advantage of playing the second leg of the remaining games at home.

Roger Machado chose to spare all of his regular players but Dudu and Borja. The alternative starting-eleven featured Prass; Mayke, Luan, Emerson Santos and Victor Luis; Thiago Santos, Tchê Tchê and Guerra; Dudu, Willian and Borja.

The atmosphere at the stadium was not the best. With a high ticket price and the alternative lie-up, the Allianz Parque saw its worst attendance so far in this year’s edition of the 2018 Continental cup: 25.787 supporters. Before kick-off, the ultras chanted against Roger Machado and Borja, but were booed by most other supporters.

The first half was so-so in regard to intensity. Palmeiras had a few good opportunities to score the opener, but it was Fernando Prass who really stood out with three brilliant saves to keep the scorecard clean. As the referee ended the first half, more boos from certain segments of the stadium.

In the second half, the game rapidly morphed into something completely different. As news reached Junior that Boca were beating Alianza Lima, only a victory against Palmieras would secure the Colombians a spot in the knockout phase. With Junior stepping up the offensive, spaces offered themselves to Palmeiras and opportunities soon materialized, Borja scoring the opener in the 6th minute.

Three minutes later, the referee awarded the visitors a dodgy penalty, made worse by the fact that Junior’s attacker also was offside. Fernando Prass not only saved the penalty, but also initiated a counter-attack that would have resulted in a tremendous goal, had not Junior’s keeper saved Borja’s volley.

However, in the 14th minute, Junior’s keeper was left hapless as Borja, again originating all the way back from Prass, received the ball from Willian to score his second for the night. Junior decreased Palmeiras’ lead in the 21st minute through an offside goal, but Borja was on fire and completed his hat-trick two minutes later giving final numbers to the game. Hyoran came on for Borja in the 26th minute, the Colombian striker receiving standing ovations from the whole stadium, except the ultras, the latter perhaps too thick to understand that Borja’s very discreet goal celebrations was not a message addressed to them, but a respectful gesture aimed at the club that Borja defended in his early career and still roots for.

The mood between club and supporters should improve after this convincing victory, not least when considering the alternative lineup. In his 30th game as head coach for Palmeiras, Roger Machado computed his 20th victory: a good record with every possibility to improve further, if only supporters are able to exercise some patience. Continuity is key to a victorious season, as Grêmio have already showed.

Palmeiras now turn their attention back to the Brazilian championship, where Bahia await, on Saturday, at the Allianz Parque, for the sixth round of the competition. Palmeiras are two points behind Flamengo, current board leader. Time to initiated that sprint that will ensure a prime position before the World Cup break.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

Ahead of the derby, bad vibes affected a majority of palmeirenses. Many feared Palmeiras would be favoured by the referees in a blunt attempt to show that “refereeing errors happen to everyone”. Others expected to once again get robbed. The overall mood was of dismay and tiredness, almost as if not caring for the derby.

As it happens, the game itself was not too different from recent clashes between the two: our players, perhaps a bit worn down due to the three consecutive away games, were not as intense as the men in black and white.The first opportunities were Corinthians’, two shots just wide Jailson’s posts. Palmeiras saw a golden opportunity to score in the 26th minute, but Thiago Santos incredibly hit the woodwork from inside the box. Immediately afterwards, as the result of a counter-attack, Corinthians scored the winner through Rodriguinho.

The goal destroyed the confidence of our players, who seemed to know the importance of scoring the opener: in the last 10 games between Palmeiras and Corinthians, the team to open the scorecard also won the game. In the last 19 games, not a single reverse: 5 draws and 14 victories to the team that scored the opener.

In the second half, the green and white seemed increasingly unmotivated, unable to find space between the opponent’s defensive line. Jailson on the other hand had to perform three brilliant saves to stop Corinthians from increasing their lead. But even on this poor afternoon, Palmeiras hit the woodwork twice more: Bruno Henrique with a long-range shot and Antônio Carlos with a header in the last minute of regular time (the header, strangely not included in the highlights below). With just a tiny bit of luck, the outcome of the game could have been different.

Referee Anderson Daronco did not directly influence the result, but should have sent Henrique to the showers in the 16th minute of the first half, when the Corinthians defender kicked Borja in the chest after the two had tangled up and fallen to the ground.

Another curiosity: flags on poles are prohibited in São Paulo stadiums, but many were seen yesterday in the least expensive sector of the Itaquerão. This was not commented during the transmission, neither did stadium security do anything about it. Some teams – and their supporters – just seem to get away with things.

Defeats against Corinthians always bring out the worst in our supporters. Palmeiras ultras yesterday issued a statement, demanding Roger Machado’s resignation. Borja and Lucas Lima haters were mushrooming everywhere. In addition, provocations from Corinthians’ official Twitter profile added fuel to the flames.

In moments like these, people need to stay cool. Palmeiras were runners-up in the São Paulo state Championship, secured a spot in the knockout phase of the Libertadores Cup with two rounds to go, and only two points separates us from the leader of the Brazilian championship. Palmeiras have put out some great performances so far, for example against São Paulo at the Allianz Parque, against Corinthians in the first leg of the Paulistão final, and last but certainly not least against Boca Juniors at La Bombonera. Obviously, the team needs adjustments, but that is only normal. Machado has been head coach for only five months. He remains the best choice for the position, we believe here at Anything Palmeiras.

After a sequence of four consecutive away games, Palmeiras can now look forward to (?) three games at home, in three different competitions. On Wednesday, Palmeiras take on the Colombian side Junior, from Barranquilla, for the last game of the Libertadores group stage. Palmeiras already classified, Machado is likely to spare a few players ahead of Saturday’s game against Bahia, valid for the sixth round of the Brasileirão. The third straight game at the Allianz Parque takes place on Wednesday the 23rd, against América Mineiro, determining which side advances to the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup (Palmeiras have a 2-1 advantage from the first leg).

Again: coach, players and supporters need to keep their cool. Focus on the tasks ahead. Continuity is key.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – – 
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

Third away game in a row. Third victory distant from the Allianz Parque. Palmeiras are the visitors no host wants to receive: they come to your house and grab what they want without even asking.

Roger Machado went all in, his starting-eleven featuring all the regular players: Jailson; Marcos Rocha, Antônio Carlos, Edu Dracena, Diogo Barbosa; Felipe Melo, Bruno Henrique, Lucas Lima; Keno, Dudu and Borja.

The first shot came in the 12th minute, but João Ricardo saved Dudu’s attempt. América responded four minutes later with a long-range shot from Christian. The game was full of pace. In the 17th minute, Borja crossed the ball and Dudu headed directly into the keeper’s hands.

Shortly after, Borja blew two opportunities that made his critics stock raving mad: in the 21st minute, he was free inside the box, receiving the ball from Lucas Lima, but stumbled on it and had to pass it to Dudu, missing the target. Two minutes later, it was Dudu who passed the ball and the Colombian who incredibly missed an open goal opportunity.

In the 34th minute, América found Palmeiras’ defensive line off guard and Serginho took a dangerous shot, just wide. In the 37th minute, Borja’s redemption: Lucas Lima perfectly crossed the ball from the left and our forward sent it to the back of the net. Hallelujah!

América pushed hard for the equalizer before halftime, and in the 41st minute, Luan – yes, the former Palmeiras player Luan – hit the net, but on the outside. That was all for the first half.

No substitution in halftime for Palmeiras, and the first opportunity of the second half was América’s: Luan crossed from the left and Rafael Moura concluded from inside the box, the ball deflected off Diogo Barbosa before Jailson’s giant save.

In the 11th minute, Borja and Keno swapped roles: Keno passed to Borja, advancing wide on the right wing, and then sprinted towards the box. The Colombian returned the ball nicely and Keno concluded as an authentic centre forward to score Palmeiras’ second.

In the 25th minute, Bruno Henrique fired a beautiful shot from outside the box, João Ricardo performing a great save. On the corner, América recovered the ball and almost scored after a counter-attack, Felipe Melo intercepting the ball in the last moment.

In the 27th minute, defender Antônio Carlos faltered in front of Aylon and lost the ball: all Aylon had to do was roll the ball to Serginho, free inside the box, to decrease Palmeiras’ lead.

In the 34th, Jailson saved a header from Aylon. Moments later, Marquinhos – yes, former Palmeiras player Marquinhos – took a free kick to the net, also him to the outside. América pressed hard but ran out of gas and in the dying minutes, Palmeiras were close to regain the 2-goal lead, but the scorecard remained intact.

With the result, a tie at the Allianz Parque in two weeks’ time equals a spot in the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup. Our players now turn their attention back to the Brazilian Championship, where Corinthians await, on Sunday, at the Itaquerão stadium. Can’t wait to see which “error” the referee will indulge in this time.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – – 
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

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