Happy 103rd anniversary, Palmeiras!

On 26 August 1914, while Europe experienced the first month of what history would later denominate World War I, Italian immigrants and descendants of immigrants in São Paulo formed the “Palestra Italia Sports Club”. Little did they know they were giving birth to the most successful Brazilian football club of all times.

Today, as the Palestra Italia/Palmeiras celebrate 103 years of existence, my thoughts go out to all of those who made it possible, in the previous decade and in this one, inside or outside the club’s structure, near or far, wittingly or unwittingly.

It is Palmeiras’ birthday, but I am the one receiving the present. As I do every day, for taking part in this endeavour, for being a member of the family, for modestly contributing and receiving feedback from supporters near and far.

Today and always, AVANTI PALESTRA!

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