In alphabetical order, by country, where to find your local Palmeiras crowd to watch games with and socialise. Focal Points featuring the word “Consulate” after the name are officially recognised by Palmeiras and a subdivision of Palmeiras’ “Departamento do Interior“.

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Group’s name: Palmeirenses em Brisbane
Year of creation: 2016
Contact persons:
Rodrigo Carchedi: +61 049-031-5538 / carchedirodrigo99@gmail.com / instagram
Felipe Sena Kobayashi: +61 045-178-7316 / Felipeskobayashi@gmail.com / instagram 

Description: Get in touch to know where and where the next gathering will be!

Gold CoastGold Coast logo - updated version 2021_cropped
Group’s name: Palmeiras Gold Coast
Year of creation: 2019
Contact persons: Kauê Fuzinato
Phone: +61 041-504-4160
Social: (Instagram): @palmeirasgoldcoast / @kaafuzi
Description: Join us! Together showing the strength of the Palmeiras crowd on the Gold Coast – Queensland.

SydneyPalmeirenses in Sydney
Group’s name: Palmeirenses in Sydney
Year of creation: 2016
Contact person: Danilo Sebastiani
Phone: not informed
E-mail: palmeiras.sydney@gmail.com
Social: facebook – youtubeinstagram
Description: The Sydney crowd is a vibrant community, always prepared to endure the strangest time-zone-imposed challenges to watch Palmeiras play. The place of choice is Cheers Bar, located at 561 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000. Expect to be welcomed like family!


Group’s name: Palmeirenses in Vienna
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Maurício Gentile
Phone: +44 664 216-0249
E-mail: palmeiras.vienna@gmail.com
Social: twitter
Description: A fervorous palmeirense, São Paulo-born Maurício has resided in Vienna since 2016, promoting Palmeiras locally and on his travels around the globe.


Group’s name: Palmeirenses in Edmonton
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: George de Barros
Phone: +1 780 695 3685
E-mail: george.de.barros@gmail.com
Social: twitterinstagram
Description: George is a member of Palmeiras since 2005 and an Avanti member since 2012.

Group’s name: Porcos in Toronto [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2021
Contact person: SEP Consul Allan Gomes
Phone: not informed
E-mail: porcosintoronto@gmail.com
Social: facebook – instagram
Description: Porcos in Toronto’s mission is to unite Palmeiras supporters around the Great Toronto Area to watch games, sing, and celebrate. The aim is to promote the club throughout Canada, create a community of fans abroad, and make Palmeiras even bigger and more prominent in North America.


Palmeiras Londres_cropped

Group’s name: Palmeiras Londres [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2015
Contact person: SEP Consul Marco Oliveira
Phone: +44 794 732 9303
E-mail: masfo@hotmail.com
Description: Palmeiras Londres’ mission is to promote the club throughout England and unite Palmeiras supporters around the country to watch games, play football and enjoy the occasional barbecue.


Group’s name: Palmeirenses em Paris
Year of creation: 2020
Contact person: Vitor Bernardo
Social: instagram


Group’s name: Palmeiras Dublin [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2014
Contact person: SEP Consul Renato Sales
Phone: +353 89 982 0474
E-mail: dublin@sepalmeiras.com.br
Web: www.palmeirasdublin.com
Description: Every game-day, Palmeiras Dublin members meet at the Buskers On The Ball, 13-17 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, D2. With an approximate head count of 300 members, it is one the most vibrant organised supporter groups outside of Brazil.


Group’s name: To Rome with Palmeiras
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Carolina Cleto
Phone: +39 3913170747
E-mail: carolina.cleto@gmail.com
Social: twitterfacebookinstagram
Description: Some years ago Carolina participated in a radio project, the Radio Alviverde, which focused on Palmeiras and rock music. In addition, she ran a podcast with Raul Bianchi on the Mondo Verde platform, called “Beauty and the Beast”. Through these experiences, Carolina learnt to know a lot of Palmeiras supporters. She has been living in Rome since 2017.


BragaThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is braga.jpg
Group’s name: Palmeiras Braga
Year of creation: 2021
Contact person: Emerson Prebianchi
Phone: +351 910 687 027
E-mail: palmeirenses.braga@gmail.com
Social: twitter instagram
Description: In the bimillennial city of Braga, Palmeiras Braga members gather to sing and cheer the Big Green on at the headquarters of Palmeiras F.C., founded in 1965 in honour of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Doors are always open, welcoming supporters!

LisbonLogo Final Palmeiras Lisboa 2018_reduced
Group’s name: Palmeiras Lisboa [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2016
Contact person: Léo Gouveia
Phone: +351 927 058 798
E-mail: palmeiras.lx@gmail.com
Social: twitter – facebookinstagram
Description: Palmeiras Lisboa disseminates news about the Verdão, promotes gatherings to watch games and acts as a reference point for Palmeiras supporters from all of Portugal. Seek them out at the “Elementar Bar” (Rua Major Afonso Palla, 23 – Loja B – Algés). If you search for “Consulado Palmeiras Lisboa” on Google Maps or Wase, you’ll be guided straight on target. Everyone’s welcome!

Group’s name: Palmeiras Porto [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2019
Contact person: Cayan Luigi Oliveira Rosa
Phone: +351 919 150 385
E-mail: porto@sepalmeiras.com.br
Social: twitterfacebook
Description: A place where Palmeiras supporters get together to watch games!


Group’s name: Palmeirenses em Barcelona
Year of creation: 2016
Contact person: Gustavo Dias
Phone: not informed
E-mail: not informed
Social: facebook
Description: Location of choice for palmeirenses in Barcelona to watch games is the “Croqueteca”, situated at Passatge de Còrseca 3.  


Group’s name: Palmeirenses on ice
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Lucas Penteado
Phone: not informed
E-mail: lucasppenteado@gmail.com
Social: twitter
Description: Palmeirense since I’m aware of, born in a family with huge Guarani/Ponte Preta rivalry. Now in Stockholm, Palmeiras at home with streaming is a reality, sometimes through sleepless nights but always with a huge smile and cold beer. 


Group’s name: Palmeiras Basil [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2020
Contact person: Giovanna Abel
Phone: +41 78 340 86
E-mail: genebra@sepalmeiras.com.brgiovannacfa@outlook.com
Social: instagram

Description: A fanatic palmeirense girl in Basil, embracing the opportunity as Consul to show the Swiss how big Palmeiras is!

Group’s name: Palmeiras Zürich
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Gus Henrique
Phone: not informed
E-mail: ghpt@bluewin.ch
Description: Gus’ grandfather, José Penha, was born only 9 months after the foundation of Palestra Italia, in late 1915. As an Italian descendent in São Paulo, it was natural for him to become a passionate supporter and an early associate, holding the number 002.521 in his old P.I.’s membership card. All the love he felt for Palmeiras, he left for his grandson… After all, how many times were they not together at the Parque Antarctica to see Luiz Pereira, Leivinha and Ademir da Guia? Now, Gus is living in Zürich, but neither the distance nor the time zone will make him lose a Verdão game!



Group’s name: Palmeiras in Dubai [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2021
Contact person: Glauco Iervolino
Phone: +971 50 273 6854
E-mail: dubai@sepalmeiras.com.br
Social: facebookinstagram 
Description: Extend awareness about the institution in the region bringing Palestrinos together making this club even stronger. Avanti Palestra!


Atlanta, Georgia
Group’s name: T.O.P.A. – Torcida Organizada Palmeirenses de Atlanta
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Haroldo L. Amaral
Phone: +1 (678) 665-4093
E-mail: haroldolamaral@gmail.com
Social: facebook
Description: Through unity, on the quest to create the biggest Palmeiras supporter group in the US.

Boston, Massachusetts
Group’s name: Palmeiras Boston [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2020
Contact person: Danilo Bonora
Phone: +1 (857) 246-4967
Social: facebookinstagram
Description: All pigs together.

Charlotte, North CarolinaCharlotte_v2
Group’s name: Palmeirenses in North & South Carolina
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Carlos Aurélio
Phone: +1 (704) 604-3564
E-mail: caureliofigueiredo@hotmail.com
Social: facebookinstagram
Description: The mission of “Palmeirenses in North Carolina and South Carolina” it to promote the Club throughout the United States and unite Palmeiras supporters in the region to watch games, play soccer and enjoy the occasional barbecue.

Chicago, Illinoischicago_cropped
Group’s name: Palmeiras Chicago [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2019
Contact: SEP Consul Israel J. Bisoni 
Phone: +1 (773) 791-1178 
Email: chicago@sepalmeiras.com.br
Social: twitterfacebookinstagram 
Description: Consulado Palmeiras Chicago is all about bringing the club’s fans together to promote The Greatest National Champions of Brazil. We watch games, socialize, do business network, and help the community in different events. Avanti Palestra! 
Columbus, IndianaColumbus_IN_logo
Group’s name: Palmeiras Indiana [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2015
Contact person: SEP Consul Márcio Braga
Phone: +1 (812) 341-9492
E-mail: marciobraga@gmail.com
Description: Since 2015, Palmeiras supporters resident in the Indianapolis region have been meeting up weekly to watch games. The growth of the “Palmeiras Indiana” chapter is due to the large number of Brazilians who have been transferred from the companies Cummins, Faurecia, Toyota and Valeo – coincidentally, a majority of these persons being palmeirenses. The meetings are very fun and always accompanied by barbecue and beer.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaFocal Point California Logo_reduced
Group’s name: Palmeiras California Tifosi
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Sal Chiappetta
Phone: not informed
E-mail: palmeirascaliforniatifosi@gmail.com
Social: twitterfacebook
Description: A bunch of seasoned Palmeiras supporters putting California on the Green Map! 

Miami, Florida
Group’s name: Palmeiras Miami
Year of creation: 2006
Contact person: SEP Consul Fábio Boscatto
Phone: +1 (954) 801-4700
E-mail: fabioboscatto@yahoo.com
Description: Holding the Palmeiras flag high in Miami and surroundings since 2006.

New York/New Jersey, NY/NJ
Group’s name: Palmeiras New York [Consulate]
Year of creation: 2006
Contact person: SEP Consul Louis Abe
Phone: +1 (732) 673-6982
E-mail: louis.abe@outlook.com
Description: Palmeiras New York promotes events where supporters meet up to watch games and socialize, mostly at Brazilian restaurants in Newark, NJ. The group is a community within a community, where members have all sorts of backgrounds and experiences as immigrants, helping each other out, just like the
Familia Palestra they belong to.

Oregon City, Oregon
Group’s name: Forza Palestra Oregon
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Fabio Sakae
Phone: +1 (503) 805 7699
E-mail: consulado@forzapalestra.com.br
Social: instagram
Description: Fabio moved to Oregon in September of 2018 and is looking for Palmeiras supporters! Ready to promote events and help out with all matters related to the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

Provo, Utah
Group’s name: Palmeirenses in Provo
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Marcio Versuti
Phone: +1 (385) 254-9943
E-mail: mrversuti@
Description: tbc

Salt Lake City, Utah
Group’s name: S.L.C. Palmeiras
Year of creation: 2018
Contact person: Josh Gardner
Phone: +1 (801) 739-3604
E-mail: jtgardner.esq@gmail.com
Description: “I cuori verdi dalle cime delle montagne”. S.L.C. Palmeiras’ mission is to unite Palmeirenses in the greater Salt Lake area, to bring visibility to Palmeiras in the Intermountain West, and to cheer on the team from afar.