Alex, Palmeiras, and the Turkish passion

Last Saturday, on 28 March, Palmeiras paid homage to one of club’s biggest idols in recent times: Alexsandro de Souza. Alex for short. A game was played at the Allianz Parque between the “Friends of Alex” squad against the “Palmeiras Libertadores 1999” squad. So much history bundled together it makes you breathless.
Alex was instrumental in securing the Brazil Cup and the Mercosur Cup in 1998, and the Libertadores Cup in 1999.

Alex was instrumental in turning this recently arrived Swede into a palmeirense.  

At Palmeiras, Alex played a total of 241 games, scoring 78 times and giving 56 assists.

Certainly other players from the last two decades were as big or bigger playing for Palmeiras, but there is something special with this playmaker, respected on and of the pitch like few others, and very well known also outside of Brazil due to his magnificent years at Turkish Fenerbahçe.  

No wonder there were many Turkish fans present at the Allianz Parque last Saturday. One of Alex’s most feverish followers is Harun Aydogan. Leaving the rest of the space for him and his own words. Enjoy.

— ooo — ooo — ooo — ooo — ooo — ooo —


This is Harun Aydogan, from Turkey. I am 22 years old and a university student in my country. I went to Brazil, as you guys know, because of Alex. He was our Captain for eight years. And he was the best ever seen in my country. He has a perfect personality: even after our team Fenerbahçe’s backward president Aziz Yıldırım kick him out of the club, he didn’t say a bad thing. And he never changes, Alex is such a kind person. We love Alex. We love our Captain. He deserves the best. I am so happy because I was able to meet him in Brazil and even, for the first time, see and talk to him, face to face. It made me so excited. I am totally sure that he one day is going to be the coach of Fenerbahçe!

This is me with my captain, my idol, and our future coach Capitão Alex de Souza! Nós te amamos! This is me with my captain, my idol, and our future coach Capitão Alex de Souza! Nós te amamos!

As for Palmeiras and their fans, thank you so much! Especially the guys from Mancha Verde! They are exactly ultras, who really connect with the team 100% heart. By the way, I would love the watch a game with them and sing a song for Palmeiras and for Alex also! Thank you for everything, Brazilian people: you are so friendly, just like Turkish people! Thank you guys, I felt like home! I hope I can return to Brazil and watch a game at the Allianz Parque!

Obrigadão, Capitão Alex!
Obrigadão, Palmeiras!
Obrigadão, Mancha Verde!

This is me some two years ago, back in Turkey, with my Palmeiras jersey! Look I made a heart for you guys! :)) This is me some two years ago, back in Turkey, with my Palmeiras jersey! Look I made a heart for you guys! :))


  1. we definitely need to create some alliance among two supporter groups. As a fenerbahce fan, the only Brazilian team I support is Palmeiras. I’ve had some perfect brazilian friends back in USA. Brazil occupies a special place in my heart, I have never been yet but I would consider Brazil as my second country 🙂

    you guys cannot believe how much we have in common. No matter how far we are from each other, how different our cultures or our religions; Turks and Brazilians have something special that eases the relationship.

    One day I will go visit Sao Paulo, watch a Palmeiras game.
    Because, Eu sou da Mancha Verde!!

    Aqui Palmeiras PORRA!!!

    1. Mate, thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and show your appreciation for Brazil, for Palmeiras and the Mancha Verde. Let’s hope these ties between the two clubs, and especially between the two club’s supporters, can be strengthened in the near future! Abraços! /Kristian

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