PUMA closes unprecedented agreement with Palmeiras and sponsors 23 female football players

PUMA Brazil announced today having closed sponsorship deals with 23 athletes from Palmeiras’ female squad, an unprecedented partnership in the football world, aiming to support athletes who seek their recognition as sports stars. The proposal, which was not mandatory, was made for all female athletes in the squad, regardless of their position on the pitch or their performance, showing PUMA’s commitment to support the whole team. On behalf of the players, the receptivity was immediate and the collective sense spoke loud, with 23 of 27 athletes accepting the agreement as a way to help, especially the ones with less opportunity to sign a sponsorship agreement.

To present these new partnerships, PUMA’s campaign counts on the participation of all the sponsored players: goalkeepers Vivi, Karen and Jully; defenders Janaína, Samara, Stella and Thais; full-backs Isabella and Vitoria; midfielders Ary, Bia, Carla Nunes, Doroty, Juliana Passari, Karla Alves, Maressa, Nicoly and Tefy; and strikers Bianca, Monica, Livyan, Lurdinha and Ottilia. The four athletes who didn’t sign a partnership already had contracts with other brands.

PUMA Brazil message reinforces the need to work and create more opportunities for women’s football, to highlight Palmeiras’ female squad, to hear what this group of women has to say within PUMA’s universe. In addition to wearing PUMA boots and accessories during matchdays and training, the athletes will have an active voice in the brand’s strategy, being present in campaigns both in football and sportstyle segment. A practical example is the recently launched #PUMACali campaign, a casual sneaker aimed for women, which celebrates women differences. Juliana Passari, Palmeiras midfielder, was one of the stars of the campaign.

“We understand that through this world pioneering incentive, PUMA, in partnership with Palmeiras, added value to the sport in Brazil, presenting several possibilities for athletes while offering conditions to develop their work. For many years, the brand has sponsored big names in women’s football, but with this project we also want a bigger, structural change, in order to have an increasingly stronger women’s football”, said Fabio Kadow, marketing director of PUMA Brazil.

Palmeiras was one of the first clubs to encourage Brazilian women’s football, creating its first team in 1997. Currently, the team also has big athletes who stand out in championships and are part of the national squad. With the growing partnership between PUMA and Palmeiras, the challenge is to build a “new face” for the club’s female squad, aiming to conquer a new crowd, adding more and more supporters that translates Palmeiras’ winning attitude. “Palmeiras can only be grateful for this unprecedented partnership with PUMA. The sponsorship comes to exalt the sports, recognize the athletes value and add even more to our women’s football project, which seeks to be a reference and don’t hold back to offer the best structure to the players. It is a big brand believing in a big club, we are sure that this is the beginning of a successful partnership”, celebrates Alberto Simão, executive director of Palmeiras women’s football.

Here at Anything Palmeiras, we can nothing but take a bow. Extraordinary well done, PUMA!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


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