“Football is run by Globo; the Federation is just a meeting room” – Alex

Hundreds of tiny cuts. Day in, day out. Took me some years to notice, partly due to innocence, partly due to my inability to pick up the finer strokes and the “in-between-the-lines” in a still to me very foreign language.

From those early stages of ignorance, I progressed to denial, considering a wide, orchestrated campaign a preposterous idea, driven by the passion that blinds the best of supporters of any club at any given time.

Patterns became more visible over time, and so did my knowledge of the society in which I find myself inserted. These and other things converted to a different insight, laying the foundation for what I am about to address: the multifaceted and deliberate attacks on the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

These attacks are partly rooted in decade-long feuds of both political and social order; the Italian origin of the club; the “enemy-of-the-state” sentiment flourishing during WWII, culminating in the forced name change from Palestra Italia to Palmeiras; the biased Superior Tribunal of Sports, based in Rio de Janeiro, always catering for the interests of carioca teams; the rotten to the bone Brazilian Football Federation (CBF); the equally pathetic Paulista Football Federation… These and other factors directly and indirectly contribute to direct and indirect attacks on Palmeiras, exemplified on numerous occasions over the years, as exposed here at AP.

Yet, we are still to address Palmeiras’ main foe, the true hydra. The Globo television network and its affiliates.

The power of Rede Globo is unrivalled, and on many fronts. For decades, this giant of the Brazilian media has called the shots concerning the Brazilian championship and the National Squad, a puppet master of sorts behind the CBF. The Network assigns time slots for games without regard to stadium attendance, only concerned about securing maximum revenues from their primary cash cows, the telenovelas. Weekday games finish close to midnight, spectators sometime left without public transport to get home by.

The Network has its darlings, Flamengo and Corinthians. “The Clubs of the People”. Little efforts sparred to award advantages to these two in the pursuit of a “Barcelona vs. Real Madrid of the Americas” setting. Flamengo and Corinthians receive about the double in broadcasting rights compared to other major clubs, including Palmeiras, without any numbers to justify the distortion. They get more airtime, without television ratings to back up the decision. The two frequently enjoy positive plot twists: a Flamengo draw is an “increased undefeated streak” while a Palmeiras draw is a “narrow escape from embarrassing defeat”. Would you believe the Globo network even sponsors the fabrication of banners and flags for the organised supporter groups of Flamengo and Corinthians?
The inflated broadcasting revenues enjoyed by the aforementioned darlings roughly correspond to what Palmeiras receive through the club’s Master Sponsorship agreement with Crefisa/FAM. Indeed an important source of revenue, albeit only making up some 16% of Palmeiras’ total inflow. The club is however frequently criticized in the media for “having accepted being hostage to the capital” and dependent on the whims of a sponsor.

Last year, after lengthy negotiations, Palmeiras opted for selling their 2019-2024 cable TV transmission rights to newcomers Esporte Interativo, part of the Turner Broadcasting Company, the television arm of Time Warner. This has generated two immediate effects: for the Palmeiras games that Globo would retain the right to broadcast (open air and PPV), the Network has offered Palmeiras a deal 20% below that of previous year. Palmeiras have so far refused; if stalemate prevails, Globo will be without broadcasting rights to 1/10 of games in the 2019 Brazilian championship.

More seriously, and as former Globo employee Luiz Ademar confirmed a few weeks back, the Network has been instructing their sports journalists to trash-talk Palmeiras. And not only Palmeiras, but any team that signs with Esporte Interativo.

Palmeiras’ exposure has diminished on cable TV and even on the radio, with the CBN and Globo radio stations sometimes opting out from a transmission that seemed like a no-brainer.

Add to this the absurdities frequently seen on social media. I refuse to linger on this topic, but will provide you with one example: “How many goals will Teo Gutiérres score against Palmeiras?” is the question posed by Globo affiliate SporTV. One would think the Network would express support for a Brazilian representative in the Libertadores Cup. Think again.
Isolated, the aforementioned examples are easily brushed aside. Compiled, they draw a different picture. A picture also subject to healthy scepticism, were it not for its perpetration over time. And its effect on the referees.

No, there is no orchestrated conspiracy among referees to benefit certain teams and make life harder for others. No need to: everyone knows what happens to the career of a referee who makes a crucial mistake or two against Flamengo or Corinthians. Referees in Brazil never talk, unless they have committed such a mistake. A few weeks back we had one actually crying to the press outside the locker rooms.

No wonder attendance is dropping all over the scale. Supporters in general are tired of the bias, the manipulation and the outright lies. Palmeiras supporters in particular, who last week launched a twitter campaign that within hours reached the worldwide trending topics with the hashtag “GloboRespeiteOPalmeiras”.

Unhappy costumers is normally not good for business. In this particular context, unhappy costumers might hurt the brands associating themselves with Rede Globo in general and with football in particular. Food for thought.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


Not since 1999 have Palmeiras and Corinthians decided a championship final. This one kicked off well: Roger Machado’s strategy worked perfectly, neutralizing Corinthians’ gameplay, seeing Palmeiras one step ahead of their rival to bag the 2018 São Paulo state Championship.

Coach Machado was able to field his starting eleven of choice, as Borja and Marcos Rocha were again available. And already in the 6th minute, the Colombian showed why he is the top scorer of the championship. Dudu took a short corner to Lucas Lima who immediately returned it, Dudu crossing it into the area. Dudu’s ball surprised Cássio, hitting the crossbar, before bouncing back to Willian, who found Borja well positioned to effortlessly push the ball into the back of the net. Palmeiras 1-0!

Corinthians, inflamed by their supporters, went for the equaliser. In the 9th minute, Emerson received the ball and got passed Thiago Martins, but his shot was saved by Jailson. Palmeiras responded with Dudu passing the ball to Willian behind the defenders, but Cássio sprinted out to save the home team.

Corinthians enjoyed superior ball possession, but created little. In the 20th minute, Jailson made an easy save as Clayson tried his luck. Two minutes later, a more dangerous opportunity: Sidcley crossed the ball but Maycon shot was off-target. The game was tense and no other clear opportunity was created during the first half. But just before the whistle, a common scene in any derby: confusion. Borja and Henrique fought over a ball on the deep end. The referee awarded the throw-in to Palmeiras, but Corinthians’ players kept complaining. Soon, all players were found in the centre of the argument and a few slaps and kicks were exchanged. The referee, not knowing what to do, in the end opted for showing one yellow card and one red card to each of the teams. Borja and Henrique received the yellow, and Felipe Melo and Clayson were sent earlier to the showers.

Roger chose to rearrange the midfield, starting the second half without Borja, promoting Moisés. Despite both teams playing with ten men, there was not much extra space to create opportunities. Roger had to burn his second substitution when Victor Luiz felt a muscular discomfort, sending in Diogo Barbosa to make his debut as a Palmeiras player.

Corinthians tried to pressure left-back Barbosa, naturally out of rhythm due to a rather lengthy recovery from injury, but to little success. In the 20th minute, Keno was ready to come on for Dudu, but an exhausted Bruno Henrique requested substitution and was attended: in his place, Roger sent Thiago Santos to close the spaces on the midfield.

Willian had a golden opportunity to score in the 31st minute, but could not conclude Dudu’s crossed ball. Also Corinthians insisted on crossing balls, but Thiago Martins and Antonio Carlos were in the best of shapes, denying the black and white forwards any opportunities.

In the 43rd minute, Corinthians supporters lightened up their flares and the referee had to stop the game, as the Brazilian regulation determines. When the game reinitiated, he added six more minutes to injury time. In the 50th minute, Thiago Santos stole the ball from Rodriguinho, near Corinthians’ goal, but failed to get the ball to Dudu, clear on his right side. The home team also had a chance in the last minute, but Jailson had no problem with Balbuena’s header and the referee finally blew the whistle to end the game.

As in the semifinals, Palmeiras play the second leg at home, at the Allianz Parque, and with the advantage of a draw. 24.000 tickets have already been sold to the return game this upcoming Sunday. However, the entire attention of Roger Machado and his players are now turned toward Tuesday’s Libertadores Cup game against Alianza Lima. It will be a tough week for palmeirenses around the globe.

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

Seems like Palmeiras have a deal with their supporters: when things look easy on paper, we are going to make things difficult so that you can suffer a bit and have your hearts tested. In a rainy game at a Pacaembu Stadium, packed with 34.739 palmeirenses, Santos managed to reverse Palmeiras advantage, only to be defeated in the penalty shootout.

Roger Machado was unable to repeat the lineup of the first leg of the semifinals due to Marcos Rocha not recovering in time. Tchê Tchê was selected as his replacement. Game underway, Palmeiras exercised control for the first 10 minutes, but no clear opportunity to score materialised.


Palmeirenses were not disheartened by the rain (photo credits: Augusto Oazi)

Santos, playing with four forwards, were seeking space behind Palmeiras defensive line through long balls. In the 13th minute, payoff: Daniel Guedes advanced behind Victor Luiz and crossed the ball to Sasha, clean to head it into Jailson’s goal.

Santos’ lead did not last much: three minutes later, Bruno Henrique levelled the score for Palmeiras through a powerful shot fired low from outside the box, finding Vanderlei’s left corner.

After the two goals, the game cooled down, with Palmeiras trying to create opportunities passing the ball around and Santos counter-attacking through fast transitions. With Palmeiras once again in control of the game, the surprise: in the 39th minute, Rodrygo received the ball and tried to dribble Antonio Carlos. After some pinball action in the box, the ball finally deflected off Sasha to again present itself to Rodrygo, who just pushed it into the back of the net. Santos 2-1.

Palmeiras had two opportunities on free kicks to level the score before the end of the first half, but both shots, from Bruno Henrique and Victor Luiz, were saved by Vanderlei. In the last minute, Antonio Carlos almost converted after a corner kick, but that was it.

Back after the interval, the teams unaltered. Palmeiras had a good opportunity in the 2nd minute, Tchê Tchê crossed the ball, but Willian headed it wide. Our player did not seem to be in the best of shapes and could not find the way to actually threaten Vanderlei, Santos positioned deep in defence, awaiting another fluky opportunity to score the third. Coach Machado tried to fix the problem sending Guerra to replace Lucas Lima, but to no effect.

Santos had a good opportunity in the 28th minute after a corner kick, but Tchê Tchê put away the ball that would find Gabriel clear to score. Palmeiras, now with Moisés and Deyverson on the pitch, having replaced Bruno Henrique and Willian respectively, were still not finding ways to trespass Santos defensive line. The best opportunity was Keno’s, a left-footed shot off target.

In the 42nd minute, Keno was to receive the ball clear inside the box to score, but Dodo put it away at the last moment. Santos had their golden opportunity on injury time when Jean Mota took a first-time shot that would have been a beautiful goal had it not gone slightly above target.

With 2-1 on the scorecard at full time, a penalty shootout. With technique and nerves under control, Palmeiras masterfully converted all five through Dudu, Tchê Tchê, Victor Luiz, Moisés and Guerra. Our Black Panther between the posts, Jailson, saved Santos’ third penalty to classify Palmeiras to the São Paulo state Championship finals.

Palmeiras now await for the opponent to be defined. If Corinthians go through, we will have a final not seen since 1999. If São Paulo come out victorious, even longer the interval: 1992. In any case, not since 2003 has a final been played between two teams from the city of São Paulo. Come what may, Palmeiras are ready to face and win this final; it has been nine years since the last title, in 2008.

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

Ahead of the first leg of the Paulista semifinals, two undefeated streaks at the Pacaembu stadium: Palmeiras in their last 8 games and Santos since 2013 (25 games undefeated as home team). To the joy of the palmeirenses, only the green and white streak remains, now increased to 9 games in a row without losing at the historic stadium.

Palmeiras’ starting eleven was the same as against Novorizontino, but for goalkeeper Fernando Prass, replaced by Jailson, back from suspension. In spite of the stadium being filled with only Santos supporters, our players were not intimidated and started the game better.

In the 11th minute, Palmeiras pressure had already proven effective, the opening of the scorecard the result of a nice, collective move: Keno on the left passing the ball to Bruno Henrique in center position, opening wide to Dudu on the right wing, who returned the ball towards the centre where Willian closed in, pusingh it to the back of the net.

Palmeiras remained with the upper hand, creating two more opportunities: in the 19th minute, Dudu shot wide and in the 23th minute, Vanderlei made a difficult save following Willian’s shot. Jailson, meanwhile, was only a spectator of the game, Santos unable to find the way to threaten Palmeiras’ goalkeeper.

However, in the last minutes on the first half, Jailson had to shine brightly, twice. In the first one, Thiago Martins lost the ball to Gabriel, but Jailson blocked the point-blank shot, resulting in a corner. Renato headed the corner and Jailson performed another miracle, denying the equalizer.

In the second half, Palmeiras again got off to a better start. In the 2nd minute, Victor Luiz fired away from the left, but Vanderlei was on his toes. A minute later, Keno missed the target after dribbling Santos’ left back. In the 5th minute, not so good news for the green and white: right-back Marcos Rocha gave way Tchê Tchê due to muscular fatigue.

Santos improved their game and created a number of opportunities, the first in the 6th minute, Jailson intercepting the crossed ball and Gabriel missing the target on the rebound. In the 19th minute, mess inside Palmeiras’ box, but Santos did not take advantage of the situation.

In the 21st minute, another beautiful save from Jailson after Rodrygo fired away from afar. Feeling Santos’ momentum, Roger Machado replaced both defensive midfielders to retake control of the match: Moisés and Thiago Santos came on for Bruno Henrique and Felipe Melo.

However, Santos did not stop pushing for the equalizer. In the 30th minute, Gabriel fired from outside the box, Jailson once more saving Palmeiras. Seven minutes later, Santos blew their last clear opportunity to score: Gabriel crossed the ball and found Vitor Bueno completely clean by the penalty spot, but Jailson saved the header.

The game ended 1-0 and the Verdão computed their 5th straight clean sheet; a record not achieved in the last 10 years. Upcoming Tuesday, should Palmeiras increase this sequence, they will be classified to the final, as a draw favours the green side. Roger Machado awaits the recovery of Marcos Rocha and Victor Luiz, who also left the game in discomfort, to repeat the same line-up on Tuesday, at the same Pacaembu stadium, only this time, with nothing but palmeirenses in the stands.

On the other side of the tables, São Paulo 1-0 Corinthians, the second leg scheduled for Wednesday night. 

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi


PUMA Brazil president Fabio Espejo and Palmeiras president Marcelo Gagliotti officialising partnership (photo credit: Fábio Menotti/Ag.Palmeiras)

As you learnt from here a little over a month ago, PUMA will be Palmeiras’ provider of sporting equipment as of 2019. The contract runs over three years and was officially announced today. Between fixed and royalty-based revenues, Palmeiras expect to receive an approximate R$ 25 million (US$ 7,5 million) yearly from the deal, which is a 25% increase compared to the current Adidas partnership.

In addition to increased revenues, a few other aspects of the PUMA partnership stand out, such as:

# Kits ready available during the Brazilian pre-season (not as now, only at the start of the Brazilian championship in mid-April);
# Palmeiras the only Brazilian club sponsored by PUMA during the length of the contract;
# A “Team Palmeiras” set up at PUMA, attending exclusively to the club’s needs;
# Palmeiras gear available at PUMA stores worldwide.

A big, hearty welcome to PUMA. Rest assured you will never encounter a more faithful consumer than the Palmeiras supporter. Treat us right, and you’re in for quite a ride!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

What a superb football night we had! Putting to shame the expectations for a monotonous game, since Palmeiras was almost classified after the 3-0 in the first leg, the white and green players ran after every ball as if the match was the most important of their lives. The 25.446 palmeirenses present at Allianz Parque were amazed by the Verdão’s performance.

Roger Machado was left without Jailson (suspended by the sports tribunal for three games, an additional effect of the red card he received against Corinthians and subsequent hot-headed albeit true statements made to the press) and Borja (serving the Colombian national team). He picked Prass and Keno for the starting eleven, with Willian positioned as centre-forward.

2018.03.21 - AP

Stadium atmosphere as the match began (photo credits: Augusto Oazi)

The game started with Palmeiras suffocating Novorizontino and in the 6th minute the score had already been opened. Willian received from Lucas Lima and sought Bruno Henrique; the ball was blocked, but returned to Willian, who with the second attempt found Bruno Henrique free to score.

The second goal came 10 minutes later. A one-two between Keno and Lucas Lima left the winger in position to execute a lovely chip shot, the keeper completely beaten.

The rhythm was insane, and in the 25th minute Dudu crossed the ball to Lucas Lima, but the midfielder’s shot was saved by the keeper. In the 34th minute Lucas Lima, always Lima, found Marcos Rocha behind the defenders with a long ball. The right-back crossed it to Willian, who firmly concluded to increase Palmeiras’ lead. In the last minute of the first half, Dudu still had time to score the fourth, after a give-and-go with Keno inside Novorizontino’s box.

After the perfect first half, Roger Machado promoted the season debut of centreback Edu Dracena, giving Thiago Martins a rest. Tchê Tchê also came on, replacing Marcos Rocha.

As the match re-initiated, Palmeiras were again in control, but less impetuous. This slower rhythm did however not stop opportunities from being created. Bruno Henrique missed the target in the 7th minute and Felipe Melo’s header was saved by Oliveira with 14 minutes on the clock.

In the 16th minute, Jonatan Lima received his second yellow card and went home earlier. In the 22nd minute, the referee did not award a penalty when Keno was pushed by the defender while trying to reach a crossed ball. 6 minutes later, another penalty suffered by Keno, this time the referee pointing to the 9-meter mark. Felipe Melo requested the ball and Dudu, the official penalty converter, granted it to him. Unfortunately, the outcome was not the best: Felipe sent the ball well above target.

The missed penalty was soon forgotten. In the 34th minute, Lucas Lima crossed the ball to Papagaio. The kid had come on for Willian and did not miss the opportunity to score his first goal playing as a professional for Palmeiras, a beautiful header giving final numbers to the match, making it Palmeiras’ biggest goleada at the Allianz Parque to date. Make sure to check out the highlights!

Palmeiras’ opponent had finished the group stage of the São Paulo state Championship as the third best team overall in the tournament. Nobody expected Palmeiras going through with such ease. With an aggregated score of 8-0, Palmeiras massacred Novorizontino and are ready for the semifinals. Later tonight we will come to know our next opponent, most likely Santos, unless Bragantino classifies through a penalty shootout.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

It was not the best match under Roger Machado’s command, but a 3-0 away victory against the third best team on the tournament is something that must be appreciated. Our rivals Corinthians and São Paulo had difficulties against their opponents (Bragantino and São Caetano, respectively) and both lost the first matches in the quarterfinals by the odd goal, while Santos only managed a draw against Botafogo/SP.

Novorizontino got off to a good start in the game, Tony crossing the ball and Jean Carlos hitting the wood with a nice shot. Minutes later, Safira’s header left Jailson an observer, the ball going just wide of our keeper’s right post.

Novorizontino’s momentum ended in the 18th minute when Tony caused Borja’s fall inside the box, the Colombian striker trying to reach a cross, the referee awarding the penalty. Dudu placed the ball firmly in the keeper’s bottom right corner, securely out of reach. Boosted with confidence after the goal, Palmeiras had another opportunity four minutes later, but Oliveira saved a nice shot from Willian.

Before halftime, Novorizontino tested Jailson with a long-range shot, as easy save. Both teams seemed suffocated by the hot weather, and also a little bit careless, leaving coach Roger Machado rather irritable.

Back to the second half, Novorizontino started better again, trying to level the score. In the 6th minute, Jailson brilliantly saved a header from Safira, the most dangerous player of the opponent. One minute later, another opportunity for Novorizontino: Cleo Silva’s ball had already gone past Jailson but Victor Luiz put it away to save Palmeiras from suffering the equalizer. The rhythm was insane and the Verdão responded in the 8th minute, Willian’s shot missing the target with a few centimeters.

In the 16th minute, Oliveira took Dudu’s shot from inside the box to his chest. One minute later, Borja passed the ball directly to Tony, an opponent, complaining that Tony tricked him by shouting out for him to pass the ball. In the heated discussion that followed, Borja was booked and coach Machado felt it was time to take the Colombian off the pitch, promoting Keno in his place.

Keno changed things up, as he often does. With 30 minutes on the clock, he passed a long ball to Willian, sprinting behind the defenders. An expertly executed body feint left the keeper hapless, Willian only pushing the ball to the back of the net to increase Palmeiras’ lead. A beautiful goal.

Keno still had time to get on the scorecard himself: in the 43th minute, after Marcos Rocha’s cross and Willian’s failed header, the ball offered itself up to the forward to mercilessly slam it in. Novorizontino did their best in the dying minutes, but Jailson guaranteed one more clean sheet for Palmeiras.

The 3-0 gives Palmeiras a huge advantage, Novorizontino having to win by a difference of four in order to classify to the semifinals, something yet to be seen in 100 matches played at the Allianz Parque. The second leg is this upcoming Wednesday, 9:45 pm local time, with 12.000 tickets already sold to Avanti members.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

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