Santos 1-0 Palmeiras

A painfully impotent Palmeiras did little to react after Santos, taking advantage of one of those few, isolated opportunities during the game, opened the scorecard in mid second half. We’ve become used to the script: a cross, normally towards the second post, leaves our defence helpless. This time, Borges was allowed to take flight without any interference and left the excellent Deola sprawling in the air. Only our keeper, Chico and the lonely Fernandão in any way honoured the Green Giant’s jersey this afternoon. Palmeiras are not many points from the last 2012 Libertadores Cup spot, but the way the team play, the way the players react (or rather, don’t react) leave us with little hope for the few weeks left of this Championship. One more year in the bin.

Players come and go, the best coaches Brazil has to offer come and go – the result remains the same, frustrating millions of palmeirenses. Year after year it becomes ever more evident that the answers are to be found outside the pitch. The structure of the club, the political climate, the amateurism; everything combined makes it impossible to form a winning team. This will only change when the statutes are changed, allowing for direct democracy and new blood entering the stagnated and archaic system that is S.E. Palmeiras.

In future posts, we’ll have a closer look at what that entails and what forces we’re up against.


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