Direct Vote – Now!

There is only one way forward, and it invariably consists of sidestepping the Deliberate and Fiscal Council. The council – containing some good and true palmeirenses but also large numbers of navel-gazing, power-crazy, selfish appointed-for-life troublemakers – is by the statutes responsible for electing the President. By installing direct democracy for the presidential elections through a statutory change, most of the council’s influence would be broken. The transfer of responsibility from council to members would be the dawn of a new era: kickbacks and favours would matter less and commitment to Palmeiras matter more.

The need for a statutory change has been on many people’s minds for a rather long time, but only recently did a proposal gather enough support to be formally handed in for the council’s scrutiny. It’s been sitting in Mr Vergamini’s drawer for months, as the president of the council has the sole power to decide when a proposal should be brought before it. Needless to say, Mr Vergamini is a close ally to Mr Mustafá Contursi, the puppet master par excellence and the man articulating all sort of mischief, including the leakage of inside information to the press and judicial actions to interfere in  the construction of Palmeiras soon-to-be pride and joy: the New Arena.

If the statuary proposal would be taken out of the drawer and presented, that is in its original form as prepared by the 81 signatory counsellors of the opposition, it would most likely be voted through. Mr Contursi can’t have that. In a manoeuvre to neutralise the opposition’s proposal, a “package” of reforms is to be presented that includes not only direct elections, but also the creation of a “Managing Council” that would be made responsible for everything related to football. Mr Contursi’s plan is simple: give Palmeiras’ members the direct vote, but strip the president of all his powers.

The new proposal, that is nothing but a shameful tentative of a coup, will be discussed at a regular meeting of the Deliberative Council, scheduled for the 24 October. As nothing keeps Mr Vergamini from keeping the original proposal locked up in the drawer, only bad things can be expected from this meeting.

To prevent the worse, true palmeirenses are summoning for what could be described as the match of the year – one that however will take place far from the pitch: a peaceful demonstration will take place in front of the venue of the Council’s meeting at Marquês de São Vicente street, no. 2650, Barra Funda. As of 6:30 pm, true supporters will make their voices heard – showing just a little bit of the passion of a 15 million head strong community – in an effort to influence the gathered consiglieri to put Palmeiras first and everything else second. The message is clear: Diretas já! – Direct Vote Now!

Anything Palmeiras wholeheartedly supports this initiative and strongly urges you to do whatever is possible to participate in this uprising, either by socializing the information or, even better, physically taking part in the manifestation (details to be found on the campaign’s facebook page). It’s a cliché, but yes: more than ever the future of Palmeiras depends on it.


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