Sonar pings #61

Spectacular game last Saturday. Of course no one expected Palmeiras to be down by two goals to nil against Paysandu with 20 minutes to go. Palmeiras shouldn’t be, and the fact that we were must be carefully studied. Now, as seen in previous games the squad’s physical stamina is impressive, something that shines through towards the end of the games; that and how our players keep their cool. Alan Kardec, Mendieta and, right before the whistle, Leandro turned defeat into victory. Palmeiras are now seven points clear of second-placed Chapecoense.

Great victory, but also worrying. Palmeiras have repeatedly suffered goals before turning the tables. Against stronger opponents, like Atlético Paranaense on Wednesday in the Brazil Cup, that turning of events might never happen. And then there’s the away goal rule to worry about… Palmeiras used to be more solid defensively, but it’s not necessarily toward centre-back Henrique and his companions one should primarily look for answers: the midfield needs a reconfiguration, why not starting by giving Márcio Araújo some bench time.

— ooo —

Beer brand Brahma has created a fund, destined to the major football clubs in Brazil. Each can/bottle of beer sold in São Paulo generates US$ 0.4 cent for the fund, to be divided between the four big clubs in the city. At a certain moment, and based on the number of “likes” each team have managed to accumulate on the Brahma facebook page, a percentage share of the available funds for each club is determined. Clubs can use the funds only for the financing of infrastructure projects: Palmeiras will use their share for renovating and expanding the training centre, constructing a small hotel and a restaurant, allowing for better accommodation of the squad when in preparation for home games.

brahma_palmeirasThus, I strongly urge you to click on the picture to your right and “like” the Brahma Palmeiras facebook page. Make sure all your palmeirense friends do the same: it will literally generate revenues for Palmeiras, while diminishing the total of revenues going to our rivals.

— ooo —

Ayrton has left for Vitoria. The right-winger had been losing space to Luis Felipe at the speed of light and was two months without playing. Ayrton didn’t want to go to Portuguesa, thus partially responsible for the failed attempts to bring Luis Ricardo in a swap. Ayrton stays at Vitoria until the end of the year.

— ooo —

Rumour has it Valdivia is not only seriously considering but actually negotiating the purchase of a VIP box at the Allianz Parque. Not sure what to think. Keeping Valdivia’s troubled history with a large part of Palmeiras supporters in mind, is it wise to “install” oneself in the heart of the club like this, even if only for the enjoyment of other sporting events and shows?

— ooo —

Six days and counting to the Green Tsunami 2013…

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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