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Palmeiras President Maurício Galiotte

In light of Sunday’s debacle, Palmeiras yesterday night published an open letter to the club’s supporters. The letter reads [in an unofficial translation]:

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The Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras understands that the institution and its supporters suffered hard and irreparable damage by the disastrous, incompetent and irregular performance put out by the referees responsible for last Sunday’s game between Palmeiras and Corinthians.

In violation of the rulebook, there was clear and evident external interference in the arbitration, as indisputably proven by the images. As a response to this, in the name of integrity and transparency during games, Palmeiras understands it is non-negotiable that the following measures be adopted by the Paulista Football Federation:

1. Implementation of the Video Assistant Referee for all matches of the São Paulo Championship as of 2019;

2. Creation of a recording system, allowing for the disclosure, when necessary, of all communication between referees during the game;

3. Careful reassessment of the directors of the Referees Department of the Paulista Football Federation, as well as a more rigorous evaluation of those in charge of the matches.

Until there is an official signal coming from the Paulista Football Federation that these transparency measures will be adopted, Palmeiras’ relations with the Federation remain suspended.

On the pitch, Palmeiras consider last Sunday’s game a regrettable page now turned. There are other competitions ahead of us and we will make our outmost efforts to achieve them. The Palmeiras supporter is key in this process and his acknowledged involvement will be even more important.

Avanti Palestra!


Maurício Precivalle Galiotte

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Palmeiras are using strong language. If the club will be able to withstand the pressure and/or provoke change, only time will tell.

Brazilian football is facing a crisis, Sunday’s events nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Primary culprits have been named before. Extremely badly managed, non-transparent, biased, elitist, with poor refereeing (at best), and overall low levels of stadium attendance. The football federations, the confederation and Rede Globo are putting out a sad product, selling it as top notch to sponsors. Possibly these sponsors would be more concerned about the quality of the product they associate their brands with, should they face rejection among football lovers.

For your information, a list of brands sponsoring main championships and/or transmissions:

Rede Globo
Banco Itaú, Brahma, Chevrolet, Hypermarcas, Unilever, Vivo

Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF)
Cimed, English Live, Gol, Guaraná Antártica Nike, Itaú, Mastercard, Ultrafarma, Universidade Brasil, Vivo

Paulista Football Federation (FPF)
Bet 90, Canon, Gafisa, Itaipava, Kappa, Penalty, Sky


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Today, we’re shooting rapids. Ready?

Palmeiras keeper Deola, on loan to Vitória, is not renewing his contract with the Bahia club; his 2014 whereabouts are unclear but there’s no indication he’ll play for the Verdão coming season.

Fernandinho’s heading back to Oeste, who in turn are returning Diego Souza to Palmeiras. Other likely returns include Patrick Vieira and Mazinho.

Former first, then second keeper Bruno is likely to leave, destination unknown.  So is right-winger Luis Felipe, destined for Benfica unless anything goes wrong in the last minute.

Palmeiras have entered the transfer market in high gear, although little of it is out in the press and nothing’s been formally announced; speculations include midfielder Elano (Grêmio), also midfielder Lucas Lima (Sport/Inter), right-winger Jorge Moreira (Libertad/PAR), also right-winger Stefan Medina (Atlético Nacional/COL), left-winger Uendel (Ponte Preta) and forward Rafael Sóbis (Fluminense). Negotiations seemingly most advanced is with attacking midfielder Bruno César (Al Ahli/SA).

As you will notice, several of the speculations involve foreigners: the CBF are likely to announce a modification to current regulations, raising the allowed number of foreign players on the pitch from three to five.  

Palmeiras are in contact with investment groups and companies in search of partners for signing players.

[Regarding the transfer market, am I optimistic? I want to be, but must admit that the unchanged situation regarding Palmeiras’ master sponsorship and the dragged out procedure that led up to the renovation of Kleina left me worried. Good names must put pen to paper as of next week, when the Brasileirão ends.]

Today Friday, a new round of negotiations takes place between Palmeiras and WTorre aimed at a friendly solution solving the dispute regarding number of seats destined to each of the parties for commercialisation at the Allianz Parque. If bad comes to worse, the case proceeds to the Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s Board of Conciliation and Arbitration.

This week, Palmeiras initiated construction on the new training facilities, partially to stand ready in mid 2014. By early 2015, the facilities will also include a “hotel”, where players and staff will gather before home games. Roughly 80% of the construction costs are paid for by the “Fundo Brahmeiro” (refresh your memory here).

Busto_São_MarcoMarcos recently approved the cast for the bust that will be featured at the Allianz Parque together with the current other three (Junqueira, Waldemar Fiúme and Ademir da Guia). Oberdan Cattani will join the quartet in the close future. By the look of it, we’ll indeed have a very life-like copy on display.

On Tuesday, six consiglieri were elected into Palmeiras’ Deliberative Council – for life. Each and every one of perpetual counsellors represent a step back in terms of modernisation of the club’s archaic and faulty political/administrative structure. Hopefully, this was a last thrust by the regressive forces before the statuary changes due in 2014.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


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Spectacular game last Saturday. Of course no one expected Palmeiras to be down by two goals to nil against Paysandu with 20 minutes to go. Palmeiras shouldn’t be, and the fact that we were must be carefully studied. Now, as seen in previous games the squad’s physical stamina is impressive, something that shines through towards the end of the games; that and how our players keep their cool. Alan Kardec, Mendieta and, right before the whistle, Leandro turned defeat into victory. Palmeiras are now seven points clear of second-placed Chapecoense.

Great victory, but also worrying. Palmeiras have repeatedly suffered goals before turning the tables. Against stronger opponents, like Atlético Paranaense on Wednesday in the Brazil Cup, that turning of events might never happen. And then there’s the away goal rule to worry about… Palmeiras used to be more solid defensively, but it’s not necessarily toward centre-back Henrique and his companions one should primarily look for answers: the midfield needs a reconfiguration, why not starting by giving Márcio Araújo some bench time.

— ooo —

Beer brand Brahma has created a fund, destined to the major football clubs in Brazil. Each can/bottle of beer sold in São Paulo generates US$ 0.4 cent for the fund, to be divided between the four big clubs in the city. At a certain moment, and based on the number of “likes” each team have managed to accumulate on the Brahma facebook page, a percentage share of the available funds for each club is determined. Clubs can use the funds only for the financing of infrastructure projects: Palmeiras will use their share for renovating and expanding the training centre, constructing a small hotel and a restaurant, allowing for better accommodation of the squad when in preparation for home games.

brahma_palmeirasThus, I strongly urge you to click on the picture to your right and “like” the Brahma Palmeiras facebook page. Make sure all your palmeirense friends do the same: it will literally generate revenues for Palmeiras, while diminishing the total of revenues going to our rivals.

— ooo —

Ayrton has left for Vitoria. The right-winger had been losing space to Luis Felipe at the speed of light and was two months without playing. Ayrton didn’t want to go to Portuguesa, thus partially responsible for the failed attempts to bring Luis Ricardo in a swap. Ayrton stays at Vitoria until the end of the year.

— ooo —

Rumour has it Valdivia is not only seriously considering but actually negotiating the purchase of a VIP box at the Allianz Parque. Not sure what to think. Keeping Valdivia’s troubled history with a large part of Palmeiras supporters in mind, is it wise to “install” oneself in the heart of the club like this, even if only for the enjoyment of other sporting events and shows?

— ooo —

Six days and counting to the Green Tsunami 2013…

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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