Neymar, the (former?) palmeirense

You know, Neymar? The 21-year old striker Barcelona today unveiled before 56K supporters at the Camp Nou stadium? The one with a US$ 74 million price tag?

Neymar_2004These days a never before seen videotape surfaced. On the tape, an interview with said Neymar, from 2004. The kid, only twelve years old, keeps a fixed gaze on the reporter while talking about his aspirations, showing his trophies, and letting us know what team he supports: Palmeiras. “Since when?”, asks the reporter. “Since always”, Neymar replies.

In case you want to practice your Portuguese (or perhaps just check out Neymarzinho), the video is available here.

Authenticity confirmed.
Authenticity confirmed!


  1. Knowing this it will be even more interesting to follow Neymars european career! I look forward to seeing a Brazilian superstar in european football again. Growing up there was always a Brazilian player dominating in europe. But it has not really been like that the last few years.

    How is the feelings between Palmeiras and Santos? I visited the Santos stadium once and even though Santos is a Sao Paulo state rival, I keep respect for this club. I am sure the accountants there are happy with the 57m euros transfer fee.

    Keep up the good job with the blog!

    1. Adam, I agree, it’s good fun watching Brazilian players do well in Europe. Let’s also see what Lucas can achieve at PSG. But of course, nothing comparing to the high expectations of Neymar back to back with Messi.

      I’d say most people think of Santos as they think of Botafogo or perhaps Vasco: with sympathy. Santos don’t really bother no one and have tradition {although a small supporter base, increased lately with the Neymar effect}. As I’ve written in an earlier post: there are local rivals (Corinthians), there are enemies (São Paulo). Then there are clubs like Santos.

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

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