There’s a reason for Palmeiras roaming the second division this year. Well, there are many reasons, but in the end, they boil down to one thing: our Verdão performed poorly in 2012. Not good enough football.

With time and money, this can be remedied. Nobre has enjoyed (sic) five months of presidency, but he stepped in – thanks to Palmeiras’ moronic former calendar, fixed in the statutes – when the goodies on the 2012/2013 transfer market were already long gone.

Add the acute financial situation to the mix. Do a bit of thinking. And conclude that it’s no wonder the current squad – although at large different from the 2012 ditto – does little to please the eye.

Latest results prove the point. Two sufferable home games. Against América/MG, too many opportunities missed and a questionable Bruno between the posts resulted in an embarrassing odd-goal defeat. The tension between players and supporters, and even between a few of the players, was visible.

Yesterday, against a direct contender for the Group of four (G4) that ascend by the end of the year, much more was at stake than the three points. Another defeat, and Palmeiras could easily be spiralling down in a similar fashion of previous years, culminating in the dismissal of coach Kleina and God knows what.

RonnyLuckily, Palmeiras beat Avaí 2-1 after goals from Leandro and Ronny (right) and a rather good performance from Bruno. Far from convincing, but… With the eminent returns of Prass, Léo Gago, Vilson and perhaps even Valdivia (!) from the medical department, in addition to a few, well selected reinforcements (midfielder Mendieta from Libertad/PAR is apparently VERY close but I’d say most of reinforcements can be expected after Palmeiras close some good sponsorship deals and the transfer window opens up after the Confederations Cup break) I believe Palmeiras will shape up considerably.

What’s the bottom line? Stay patient. We all want it different, and by yesterday, but the pace is another. Palmeiras are doing OK, with three victories out of four. Structural changes are happening, and these will trickle down to squad level, eventually. Soon.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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