The new Palmeiras jersey by Adidas looks gorgeous. Slick, classy, clean. And it will look even cleaner after this coming Saturday’s game against América/MG: that bulky, orange BMG logo on the sleeves will disappear as the contract with the bank ends 3 June.

Again, the jersey looks mighty gorgeous. But we all know that no sponsors also translates into considerably less revenues for the club, revenues Palmeiras can’t do without.

Car manufacturers, banks, electronics manufacturers, suppliers of medical equipment and health plans, food companies… These are the heavy hitters in Brazil when we’re talking football team sponsors. In other parts of the world, airline companies and telecom companies are very active, not to mention online sports betting and gambling companies. That last segment is not allowed to operate in Brazil, but nevertheless accounts for a considerable part of sponsorship in other countries (check out this article for a list of Premiere League teams with ties to either live or online betting/gambling companies).

So, what’s in the cards for Palmeiras? President Nobre has not given much away, neither has CEO of football José Carlos Brunoro. Now, nothing leaking to the press doesn’t mean nothing is being done. And Palmeiras have a few aces up their sleeve:

# Palmeiras now play in the second division (yes, that’s right: a major club in the second division easily gets more exposure than many clubs in the first division)
# the club’s 100th anniversary is around the corner
# the upcoming inauguration of the Allianz Parque/Palestra Arena will translate into massive exposure for club and sponsors.

I’m sticking my neck out, predicting Nobre within weeks will announce a sponsorship package never before seen in Brazil. Remember Palmeiras’ basketball team, without sponsors and on their last breath? Well, out of nothing Nobre announced a sponsorship deal worth three times the team’s budget in previous seasons.

There are many sceptics. I don’t blame them. I’m however a believer. Someone who loves the clean jersey as much as anybody, but assures you it will soon look rather different.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. Once a great post plain as clean water. ah, you said well when refered to the new arena as Allianz Parque/Palestra Arena because we the supporters will never give up the tradictional name Arena Palestra.


    1. Thanks, Saandroo! Now, let’s see what happens on Thursday when the official name is announced… I still nourish hopes we might be in for a surprise. Although it’s a long shot, I admit. Cheers!

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