Palmeiras 0-0 Grêmio

The one point against Grêmio – a strong opponent currently occupying third position in the tables – was a fall forward, although claiming that Palmeiras lost two points is also more than valid: after all, Grêmio played one man short for more than 70 minutes after Judas30 rightfully was showed the double yellow.

The game served up few positive aspects to write home about, one however being the above average debut of midfielder Tiago Real (above); the 23-year-old signed a four-year contract earlier in the week and came at US$ 500.000 (not 1.2 million as previously announced) for 50 per cent of the federative rights. The kid certainly showed potential, let’s see how long he lasts.

Our rivals circling the relegation zone performed better this weekend: Sport beat Santos 2-1 while Bahia knocked São Paulo down 1-0. At least Coritiba and Atlético/GO were defeated by Botafogo and Ponte Preta respectively. It’s come to this: desperately summing points and hoping for the misfortune of others. And by “others” I’m not referring to our traditional rivals and enemies but Sport, Bahia, Coritiba, Portuguesa… We’re in the ER for sure, with 17 points in 21 games and five points below the first team out of the relegation zone.

On Thursday, Sport await. Hernán Barcos will not be available as he’s travelling to join the Argentine national squad (he’s also out against Atlético/MG and Vasco da Gama). Valdivia should be available. Assunção will be out for a few more rounds… Who’s going to score for us? Judging by latest developments, it’s easier pulling rabbits out of the hat.

At least the directors seem to have realized just how precarious our situation is and decided to encourage the supporters to encourage the team: a 50 per cent reduction in ticket prices is expected against Sport. Will it bring the masses to the Pacaembu? I don’t know.

Vamo que vamo. I have no clue how to translate that into English. Any suggestions?

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