Portuguesa 3-0 Palmeiras

Nine games without losing to Portuguesa in the Brasileirão. Not since 1995.

“8-80” is how people say in Brazil. All or nothing. Palmeiras play really well (as against Santos last week) or really lame, as yesterday. Lowest common denominator: Palmeiras lose. Against Portuguesa, Palmeiras suffered their fourth straight defeat. And what a defeat.

Palmeiras yesterday were Bruno; João Vitor, Leandro Amaro, Thiago Heleno and Juninho; Henrique, Correa (Márcio Araújo – 14’2nd H), Valdivia and Mazinho (Obina, 14′ 2nd H); Barcos and Betinho (Maikon Leite – HT).

It was scary to witness the apathy. A perfect déjà vu from previous years. The collective meltdown and the inability to respond. At kick-off players seemed motived and the initial pressure was even good, albeit in a technically poor match. As soon as Lusa found their first goal, everything went out the window and resignation was immediately installed. Leaders turned to dust.

You find the flashing lights annoying? They are. And they will continue to be until Palmeiras respond, react, resurface. The following 18 rounds of the Brazilian Championship will be one, long race against the one or two teams ahead of us: Bahia and Coritiba (four and six points ahead, respectively). It’s us against them, round after round. Torturous. And again we supporters must continue doing our part, pressuring the directors, demanding solutions and firm leadership – internally and equally if not even more important externally – while always, inconditionally, passionately supporting our team.  

On Saturday, Grêmio, at the Pacaembu. Difficult game, even more so as Valdivia – one of the few who tried for the full 90 minutes – received his (as usual) completely unnecessary third booking and is out. Luan should be back from the MD but… What the hell. It’s not about the individual players, it’s about the spirit. Just as it was in the Brazil Cup. It can be brought back, it must be brought back, already against Grêmio. The knife’s against the throat.

Avanti Palestra.


  1. Would be really great if we could start getting healthy again. Just hoping we don’t end up hanging near the relegation zone most of the season. I suppose not really having any true ‘home games’ isn’t helping much this season either. I’d like to see us closer to the middle of the table. Maybe put in a good push at the end of the season to end on a good note as we look forward to the new stadium next season.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but we’ll positively be in or close to the danger zone for the rest of this Championship. If I’m to be VERY positive I’d dream of not going down the second division while advancing far in the South America Cup. But that’s dreaming…

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