Silva vs Sonnen

It’s not important but for the sake of coherency, the main event of tonight’s UFC 148 is the much anticipated fight between Brazilian Anderson Silva and American Chael Sonnen. As you will record from previous posts (here, here, here and here), Sonnen has been provoking Silva – who is an outspoken corintiano and also sponsored by the team – claiming to be palmeirense. Of course he’s not, but don’t be surprised if you find an unusual large amount of Brazilians cheering for the gringo.


  1. I don’t like UFC but, as Silva is corinthiano, I HAVE TO BE AGAINST him whoever is his opponent. Some stupid corintianos in SP started to treat this fight like Libertadores’ finals so give me a break!!

    1. Silva started it all by bringing the Corinthians brand to the octagon. Not very wise, if you ask me. And Sonnen is one hell of a marketeer (or has great spinn doctors)!

  2. That´s the matter….by the fact that Anderson is an outspoken skunk, I got a natural antipathy on him despite he´s brasilian (just like me).
    If Sonnen come around the place wearing a Palmeiras jersey or something I will support him as never before because I´m palmeirense above all things, including my nationality. Anderson has a silly personality (someone who chooses support corinthians…WTF ! what could we expect about??) and I hope that Sonnen may honor his pledge when he said he had chosen support Palmeiras.

  3. Don´t get me wrong Kris, I like Brasil somehow, but I´m not a kind of nationalist fellow, indeed I feel like being part of the world, I see the world as a great family regardless of cultures, languages and nationalties, all of us are human beings trying to live our lives.
    That´s why I feel more palmeirense than anything else.

  4. I hate this kind of fight, and I wonder why in football a single stream of blood may put the player aside and nothing happens in this butchery spectacle when the contenders bleed liters ! Obviously this not impairs me from support any other fighter than Silva, based on the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my allied”.

    1. I guess it’s in our genes… The spectacle, the gladiators, the pankration (ancient olympic sport, much like MMA). And I tend to agree with you, that quote is great. : )

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