Palmeiras 2-0 Coritiba

Not a fatalist, but sometimes you get the feeling that the time has come, no matter what. That the frustrations of 15 million are soon to be released. Even with the referees yanking Henrique from the first of the final games, even with Hernán Barcos waking up on D-day with an acute appendicitis (he was operated yesterday afternoon and is fine, but will be absent for 6-8 weeks). This Copa do Brasil title must be ours and it will be remembered as the title that came against all and everything.

Palmeiras yesterday were Bruno; Artur, Maurício Ramos, Thiago Heleno and Juninho; Márcio Araújo, Marcos Assunção, João Vitor and Valdivia; Mazinho (Maikon Leite 35’/2nd H) and Betinho. How the Verdão didn’t suffer a goal or two in the first half is beyond me, as Coritiba dominated completely and wasted more chances than I care to remember. It’s absolutely true that Bruno was monstrous between the posts, but that’s only part of the explanation. Coritiba should have scored. But they didn’t. Instead, Valdivia opened up the scorecard at the very end of the first half, converting a penalty dubiously granted to Betinho after getting tangled up with a Coritiba defender. The home crowd, passionately supporting the team from beginning to end, sensed victory.

Coritiba initiated the second half better than Palmeiras and the pressure was on yet again, but the Verdão managed it better this time and the few chances created by the opponent were not nearly as dangerous as in the first half. The bucket of cold water for Coxa came after a free kick by Assunção, deflected on the back of Lincoln before headed by Thiago Heleno into the back of the net. 2-0 and the stadium exploded.

Coritiba fell through and Palmeiras could easily have decided the title there and then but Valdivia – who has a serious problem of dosing his intensity – received his second yellow after elbowing an adversary and was sent off, jeopardising the monstrous result constructed until then. Luckily, Coritiba had little strength left to pull off a comeback ad the last 15 minutes, although nervous, did never present any real danger.

Yes, the result was monstrous. The two goals advantage is strong but equally important was denying Coritiba any goals: scoring one goal at the return game at the Couto Pereira stadium will force Coritiba to net four times.

It’s a shame we can’t count on Valdivia in the final game (again: what a STUPID move) but we have playmaker Daniel Carvalho (might even be the better option due to the nature of the coming game, with Coritiba forced to pressure hard and Palmeiras needing a strong defence and patience to explore the opportunities for rapid counter-attacks with Maikon Leite) and also Henrique back.

Things are looking good but rest assured the return game will be total war. Stay positive but no commemorations: palmeirenses have waited 14 years for a national title and we can wait another week.



    1. Negative. I dare to say that’s impossible. I’ve had the surgery myself: after two weeks I was still struggling with going to the bathroom, much less able to tie my own shoe laces. But I hope you’re right, my friend. Cheers!

  1. Great news. I’m hoping to have my Palmeiras jersey by the time the second game is played and we win. : )

  2. Hi Kristian,
    Nice picture of the game, well balanced emotion & reasoning, again, to say.
    Something is happening in the backgrounds for us positively in this tournament, we can feel it, and I don’t meant it´s something ilegal or ilegit.
    Strange removals (Barcos), “worked” ones (Henrique), doesn’t matter, nothing seems to refrain us from taking this Cup. However you had truly said, it´s gonna be a war, specially that the oponents now count with the biggest TV network on their ranks due to vandalism events. Let´s see, but I strongly believe next Thursday is written in History to be a happy green day.

    1. Hi Newton. Yeah, there’s been this talk about Kia being man sponsor of Palmeiras and also of the Brazil Cup tournament. Honestly, I do think it’s a bad idea having these kind of partnerships, because they will always raise suspicion, even if there’s nothing to back up the claims of one team or the other receiving special treatment.

      In any case, we have another 90 minutes to play our best football and bring the title home. Nothing else matters.

      Cheers, have a great weekend!

  3. Kristian.
    Good evening. Is this the first national title that you see of our Palmeiras? It’s very exciting. Do you know if exists other international sites that subject is Palmeiras? For me, it’s a great honor for Palmeiras have a fan like you. I believe in a tie in 2 and the title go in the invincible manner.
    Avanti Palestra.
    More one time, excuses for my poor english.

    1. Good morning, Auricchio! Yes, it is indeed “my” first national title with Palmeiras. 14 long years… I can’t wait!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thought with us. I also believe in a tie, perhaps 1-1. Or perhaps we lose 2-1. Doesn’t matter: Palmeiras will score a goal (Maikon Leite?) and that will be the end of it!

      To my knowledge there are no other sites in English that report on S.E. Palmeiras. That was, I guess, the main reason for me starting up this blog two years ago.

      Volte sempre! Abraços! And AVANTI PALESTRA!

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