Sonar pings #37

A little over a week has passed and, as usual, there’s been lots of water under the bridge. Still, old news don’t really interest much, so today we’ll just do a quick debriefing allowing you all to focus on the upcoming clash against São Paulo on Sunday.

Since the last post on this blog Palmeiras have played twice: Guaratinguetá 2-3 Palmeiras on 17 February and Palmeiras 1-1 Oeste yesterday (23 February). The Verdão currently rest at third place, behind Guarani and Corinthians (one and two points respectively) but three points ahead of Santos and São Paulo. Highlights from the two games available below.



A few comments regarding performance as of late:

a) Barcos fits like a glove

b) Maikon Leite and abovementioned Barcos seem tighter by the day.

c) Román made his debut yesterday and I liked what I say; good positioning and serious play.

d) Deola better watch out: there’s healthy competition named “Bruno” just around the corner.   

What else s there?

# Wesley has not yet signed, but things seem well in order; Werder Bremen patiently await while Palmeiras get the details sorted out with a co-financer. Wesley yesterday passed the medical exams and today even showed up at the grounds, pulled on the Palmeiras training gear and went to the gym. True, there’s nothing signed yet but in this case I’m sticking my neck out: Wesley is Palmeiras and the last piece of the puzzle in order to form a truly competitive squad.

# Chael Sonnen… As you remember he won his last fight and is now expected to fight Anderson Silva for the title. Stepping up his strategy of annoying his future opponent a bit further, Sonnen recently filled up his twitter account background with the Palmeiras badge (Silva is Corinthians). However, the big mouth can expect no official support from Palmeiras: president Tirone has made it clear that Palmeiras have no interest in sponsoring the athlete.

# Carnival has come and gone and the Mancha Verde samba school (linked to the Palmeiras supporter group with the same name) did well, finishing in fourth place. Idols like Edmundo and Marcos were found among the components of the school. Below, a few of the highlights from the Mancha Verde parade.

— ooo —

And finally we’ve arrived in the present. On Sunday Palmeiras face São Paulo. The main question mark is in regard to Valdivia, still in the late stages of recovery from a muscle injury in his thigh. I believe he’s game and will make all the difference.



  1. The huge investment to be made for Wesley is a growing concern among Palmeiras execs which in part, I share. Although I am for it, I can’t help but think this might be Valdivia all over again. Although he is a great player, we haven’t got our money’s worth from him. At least not yet. I guess what I’m really afraid of, is to be financially drained and to be forced to witness the return of the “bom e barato” policy of 2011. Do any of you share my concern or am I the only one?

    1. Nelson,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. In this case, I don’t really share your concerns. Wesley is expensive but not crazy expensive. And he’s not only a good player but very versatile. I believe he will contribute significantly to Palmeiras’ midfield. Valdivia’s had a streak of problems, but most of the problems are related to injuries and him serving the national team. Yes: Valdivia’s cost/benefit has not been good at all. But we can’t use that as a reason for never again pay big money for great players. Palmeiras are grand, have to think grand and bet big. I believe 2012 to be a promising year.


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