Palmeiras 3-3 São Paulo FC

In what positively should be considered the best game so far in this year’s edition of the São Paulo Championship, Palmeiras and São Paulo drew 3 all. The result was fair, although palmeirenses must feel a bit cheated not only for Palmeiras letting SPFC three times score the equaliser, but also for the individual errors that resulted in at least two of the three abovementioned SPFC goals. In addition, I believe Scolari should have withdrawn both Carvalho and Assunção earlier due to the intense heat in Presidente Prudente; both midfielders had difficulties keeping the pace up and Assunção’s failure to close in on Fernandinho is partially to blame for the third goal suffered.

Valdivia is still recovering and wasn’t brought on yesterday. Instead, Barcos was the man of the match, finding the net twice. As someone put it: Scolari asked for a shrimp and got a lobster. The Argentine has brought undisputable quality to the pitch, as has Daniel Carvalho. I also particularly liked João Vítors performance: he’s stepped up his game on the midfield, improved his positioning and drives the ball connecting with attackers. Highlights below for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday’s results left Palmeiras with 22 points at third position, now four points behind leader Corinthians who beat Botafogo/SP 1-0. This coming Wednesday runner-up Guarani face steaming hot Santos, while Palmeiras travel to confront Linense, currently holding eighth position in the tables.

 — ooo —

Expecting the unexpected from Palmeiras has become the norm. Should one be surprised when out of the blue the club launches a campaign aiming at securing the cash needed to sign Wesley through donations from supporters? The goal: collect roughly US$ 11 million in less than a month through what is commonly referred to as “crowdfunding”.

OK, breaking it down for you:

  1. Palmeiras already have the money (or at least the amount needed for the first out of three yearly instalments): there’s a letter of credit in addition to considerable amounts available due to the recently signed deal with KIA, broadcasting rights from TV Globo, the departure of Gabriel Silva to Udinese… The campaign will NOT bring Wesley to Palmeiras but rather diminish Palmeiras’ total cost for the transaction (which will happen anyway as it’s completely unthinkable to imagine anything else at this point; Wesley is already training in Palmeiras gear, for Pete’s sake).
  2. With an only half-decent Supporter Programme in place Palmeiras would have had a steady income from the 15 million head strong and consumer-happy community. Instead, the AVANTI programme, like its predecessor, is a disgrace and de facto inoperative.
  3. Palmeiras’ directors and management are composed of amateurs, amateurs that until today are incapable of or unwilling to explain how the Ewerthon debt propelled from U$ 300.000  into a U$ 600.000 monster. Now the same people want MY money to do business?
  4. With all due respect: who is Wesley? An exceptional campaign to bring in an exceptional player is one thing, but Wesley?
  5. Last but not least: Palmeiras supporters are notoriously bipolar, impatient and impulsive. What happens when/if their player – now also in the most strict sense of the word “their” – doesn’t live up to expectations? I wouldn’t like to be in Wesley’s shoes, that’s for sure…

Feel free to visit and make your donation; they are not getting a cent from me.



  1. Vai levar sim meus 100,00 em 12 X + 8,33 mensais. um valor ridículo que dou com satisfação por toda a vida se for necessário. O Internacional tem mais de 100.000 sócios que pagam fielmente todos os meses. Porque os verdadeiros Palmeirenses não podem ajudar um pouco??????…

    1. Donizete,

      Primeiramente, obrigado por acompanhar o blog e deixar a sua opinião!

      Olha, considero o programa sócio-torcedor do Inter um dos melhores no país. E também eu pagaria, e com prazer, pelo resta da vida num esquema assim. O problema é que Palmeiras está longe disso: o AVANTI é uma vergonha. E comparar a ação mal prepara, mal explicada e emergencial (?) da vaquinha por Wesley com o programa sócio-torcedor do Inter não faz nenhum sentido.

      Os verdadeiros palmeirenses compram mais produtos licenciados do que qualquer outra torcida no Brasil. Compram pay-per-view, TENTAM comprar/renovar o frustrante AVANTI, viajam bastante para assistir os jogos em loco (só nesse último classico em Presidente Prudente, uns R$ 200 fácil). O palmeirense gasta sim. Infelizmente, ele não é reconhecido por isso. Pelo menos não pela diretoria, que em vez de bolar algo inteligente e profissional joga todo peso em cima do torcedor. Bom, é essa minha opinião.

      Abraço, volte sempre!

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