Atlético/MG 3-0 Palmeiras – good game, terrible result

Palmeiras were Bruno; Artur (Márcio Araújo 16′ 2nd H), Leandro Amaro, Thiago Heleno and Juninho; Correa, João Vitor (Patrik 39’ 2nd H), Tiago Real (Maikon Leite 16’ 2nd H) and Valdivia; Luan and Obina.

The scorecard does Palmeiras no justice: the team played well against the title contestant Atlético Mineiro of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and the final result is due to Palmeiras’ intensified blitz in the last ten minutes that opened up the team for two counter attacks. If one should point to any specific factor, Atlético’s keeper Victor had a splendid night while Bruno, not so much. But overall, it was a good game and Palmeiras have nothing to be ashamed of. The course is set; these are out players, now there’s nothing but work, work, work, blood, sweat and tears. I believe in this group. If the players feel the same, we’ll pull through in the end.

The round as a whole was a disaster: Sport and Coritiba won their games while Atlético/GO and Figueirense drew theirs. Thus, Palmeiras lost ground to all other teams in or close to the relegation zone. The gap to the first one out – currently Coritiba – is back at five points.

Avanti Palestra!


  1. It´s sad, sad, sad…our glorious team in this situation…the worst is that they are not playing so badly, the squad is very darting, real fighters, but that´s the problem…that´s not ENOUGH. Only to struggle desperately is not sufficient. Have to have COMPETENCY too. Have to use their BRAIN with COOL HEAD in crucial moments. Well, despite we still have (few)time to recovering, it´s better start IMMEDIATELY, not only waiting for Assunção or Barcos return to the team.

    1. I don’t even feel that the players are that desperate… We’ve been performing OK, even better than OK against big teams. But that little extra, even luck, is missing. But hopefully it’s just a phase. Gotta end soon though: there’s actually no time left for “soon”.

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