Ponte Preta 1-0 Palmeiras

Scolari did the right thing and opted for observing a large batch of the prospects from the youth academy against Ponte Preta (obviously not wanting to risk his best players due to this coming Wednesday’s Brazil Cup final against Coritiba). We saw Deola; Luiz Gustavo, Leandro Amaro, Román (Wellington, 20′/1st H) and Fernandinho; Patrik, Márcio Araújo, João Denoni and Felipe (João Arthur, 28′/2nd H); Maikon Leite and Patrick Vieira (Caio, 9′/2nd H).

The kids are alright. Those who disappointed were the few “veterans” on the pitch: Marcio Araújo, Leandro Amaro and Patrik. Not to mention butter-fingers Deola.

Second negative aspect: both Román and, worse, Maikon Leite were taken off the pitch due to injuries; most likely none of them will be at Scolari’s disposal on Wednesday. Talk. About. Bad. Spell.

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