Yours truly at CBN’s “Quatro em Campo”

Every weekday at 8pm on the Brazilian national radio station CBN, four light-hearted and fun guys talk us through the most important football related news of the day. The programme is Quatro em Campo (Four on the Pitch), led by palmeirense Adalberto Piotto and counting on Carlos Eduardo Éboli, André Sanches and Marcos Guiotti  to provide additional expert analysis. Tonight (8 February), the quartet made a guest appearance in Brasilia, setting up a provisional studio in a shopping mall and inviting the local population to enjoy and interact in a live transmission. Yours truly would obviously not miss out on the opportunity to promote our glorious Palmeiras, which turned out quite well: within the first 30 seconds of the live broadcast – while Piotto saluted Brasilia and the audience – he also singled me out for a personal greeting (listen to the audio here)!

Below, some pictures from the event (click for larger size). Undoubtedly, Quatro em Campo will be even more enjoyable now that I’ve seen the chaps up close!

Piotto, Éboli & Sanches
After the broadcast with Adalberto Piotto


    1. Tiago, it was really cool to see the four of them performe live. They looked so totally relaxed. Piotto entered the stage 10 seconds to 8 o’clock, grabbed the mike, looked at the crowd… And started speaking. Just like that.

      I had a brieg chat with all four of them, they are all very nice people.

      I gave Piotto my Anything Palmeiras card, he said he would get in touch. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. Let’s see.


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