Palmeiras 0-1 Corinthians

There’s not much to bitch about, except perhaps the referee, who must’ve left his coloured cards at home and instead chose to watch as Corinthians stopped most of Palmeiras creative players with unjust methods for most of the game. Even so, the final score could easily have been 4-1 to Palmeiras without raising any eyebrows; the Verdão was that superior. Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those days when the ball simply didn’t want to rest in the net (not the opponents, at least). And a derby is always a derby, something that Felipão had signalled days before. Below, watch the highlights (yes, there are plenty of them).



Palmeiras is still leading the tables with 16 points, 1 point ahead of Santos and three points ahead of Americana and Mirassol. Next game is on Saturday, 19:30 (EST-2) against Americana.

On Wednesday the 23 this month, Palmeiras enters the Brazilian Cup against Comercial/PI. A victory with a margin of two goals or more eliminates the second leg.

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