Scolari: 300 reasons to commemorate!

Scolari - photo by Ag. Estado

Back at Palmeiras after 10 years in Europe, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari cannot hide the excitement with  his upcoming 300th game as coach for the club, this Sunday, against Corinthians.

“No person in the world is more motivated than me. I did not return to Brazil by chance, I did not return to pass the time. (…) I’m assembling a team with an identity and with a goal.”

When comparing to ten years back, when he last was heading the team, Scolari says he has not changes. “I’m the same person. My commitment to the players on a day-to-day basis is the same. Last year, I was still adapting. Now, you can see that a team is being built. New players have arrived, full of energy. Things are moving in the right direction and what we most need right now is union, everyone pulling in the same direction.  That’s the main thing in order for us to recover our prestige and our tradition.”

When contemplating the fact that he on Sunday will head Palmeiras for the 300th time, Scolari gets emotional:  “It’s a special situation in my life, it’s like a movie. This is historic for me, something incredible. Whether against Corinthians or any other team, it will be a moment of joy.”

In addition, also defender Mauricio Ramos has reasons to celebrate: on Sunday he will play his 100th game in Palmeiras’ jersey.

Avanti Palestra, toward an expressive victory against the skunks!


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