Sonar pings #40

Divine Design
Last Tuesday one of Brazil’s most respected and well known footballers turned 70: midfielder Ademir da Guia, aka “Divino” (the Divine) played a record 901 games for Palmeiras between 1961 and 1977, the year he retired from the pitch. A true palestrino in heart and soul, Ademir is a living memory of glorious days. May he continue to shine for still many a year to come!

Horizonte 1-3 Palmeiras
Palmeiras are so far the only team qualified to the round of 16 in the Brazil Cup after having defeated Horizonte by a two-goal margin last Wednesday. The Verdão suffered from a rough and heavy pitch, the intense heat and an early (and rather unfortunate) goal but kept the pressure up during the whole game and were able to convert the superiority into goals. Watch the highlights below.

The result was important as it eliminates the second leg and allows Palmeiras to focus on physical and tactical exercises; only two games remain in the qualifying phase of the São Paulo Cup: this Sunday’s game against Guarani and the final game against Comercial. Two victories might be needed to secure Palmeiras’ position among the top four – important in the knockout phase to follow due to the advantage of playing at home.

Tweaking the Future
In mid March Palmeiras’ players contributed with genetic material to what could possibly be a ground-breaking research, conducted by the Federal University of São Paulo. The project, which has been running for eight months already, aims at tracing the profile of top athletes in various kinds of sports. In the future, the information could be used to find the right kind of athlete for a specific position, for optimising training or for preventing injuries. “There’s no other study like this been carried out elsewhere”, chief researcher Dr Bosco explains. “Real Madrid collect genetic material from their players and use the information on a day-to-day basis, but a study like this one, with athletes from different sports and with the crossing of data, is unique” he concludes.  

Avanti? Avanti!
The much criticised “Avanti” programme – designed to offer exclusive products and services to member supporters in exchange for a monthly fee – has been closed to new members and renovations for roughly a year. Now it finally seems the programme is about to undergo a complete makeover as a new company has been chosen to run it. In the beginning of the week a few supporters were invite by Palmeiras’ directors and the new company to express their opinions on previous – and failed – attempts to create a descent supporters’ programme. Apparently, the new “Avanti” is almost finished and the meeting served to tweak it in the right direction, i.e. to first and foremost meet the expectations of supporters. Perhaps it has finally become clear to everyone involved: unless the supporters find the programme attractive and embrace it, it will never become a success, not financially or in any other way. Let’s wait and see for the launch of the new version.


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