Football – life and death

As most of you are aware, there were clashes between Palmeiras and Corinthians supporters ahead of last Sunday’s derby. The fighting made the headlines as hundreds of supporters – armed with sticks, metal bars, large firecrackers and even firearms – had a go at each other at the Inajar de Souza avenue, resulting in the death of two members of the ambushed Mancha Alviverde supporter group.

James Young of the Tall Coconuts football blog has written a piece for the WorldSoccer Magazine, using recent events as the backdrop for an analysis of the Organizadas, their characteristics and (both positive and negative) impact on Brazilian football culture and Brazilian society as a whole. Although Mr Young leaves out important aspects – for example the often unsound relationship between the organized supporters and the club management; or the desperately underprepared and incompetent police force and their pathetic response to the problem – it is still a very good read.

I recommend you to check out the full article here.


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