Palmeiras 0-1 Mirassol

Palmeiras repeated last Wednesday’s poor performance but with the difference that Mirassol proved a much more dangerous opponent than Paulista: the defeat was well deserved and Deola must have been thankful he didn’t have to repeat the walk to the back of the net. The team resembled the 2011 edition: possession but no creativity, speed but no accuracy. And then the hopelessness and fatigue shown in body language and gestures as the clock ticked away. Not too good a sign.

Felipão has two weeks to get things on track (exactly what is needed, I’m not sure) before the knockout phase of the São Paulo Cup. And mind you that already on Wednesday this coming week Palmeiras face Horizonte FC – from Ceará – in the next round of the Brazil Cup. No sleeping on the job allowed, gentlemen!

Check back tomorrow for the game highlights.

EDIT: game highlights below. The more I think about it, the more I start having doubts about Scolari. Some of his choices yesterday, for example placing Wesley to the left, seem odd. Has he lost the grip? He certainly hasn’t blown us away as of late…



  1. It certaintly gives us a preocupation. Palmeiras performance’s was awful, and I dunno what Felipão should do to change this situation. And Valdivia is very concerning situation, too. He is always on the medical department!

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