Sonar pings #94 – to the beat of the music

Against Ponte Preta last Saturday, it became clear that Cuca still has work to do, and that Palmeiras continue with the same difficulties when faced with an opponent playing compacted and defensively, exploring counter-attacks. Ponte Preta deserved the 2-1 victory, Palmeiras only truly exerting pressure in the last 20 minutes of the game.

Once again returning to the Allianz Parque, this time to face Fluminense, the question was if Palmeiras would repeat the good football from the debut against Atlético Paranaense, or if warning sirens would go off. The first half was certainly in the direction of the latter, while the second half definitely bore the mark of the former. Cuca, identifying Cleiton Xavier’s lesser inspiration and in halftime swapped him for Moisés. Simultaneously, also seeing the difficulties of playing without a centre forward, Cuca took Egídio out, promoting Alecsandro’s entrance as centre forward and dislocating Tchê Tchê to Egídio’s flank. Yes, correct: Tchê Tchê, in previous games used on the right flank and in the middle, now occupied the left flank!

VH_saltoThe changes immediately took effect and Palmeiras completely dominated the second half, scoring twice within 20 minutes through Victor Hugo (right) and Alecsandro. Excellent performances by Róger Guedes, Moisés and Prass. Dudu, recently returned from injury, is not quite up to his normal standards but is getting there. Gabriel Jesus worked hard. And Tchê Tchê is proving to be amazingly versatile and mature. Enjoy the highlights below and do not miss Guedes’ raised arms, in commemoration, well before Alecsandro takes the shot that closes the scorecard.

Next bout, SPFC, away at the Morumbi, on Sunday.

Palmeiras are also participating in the U17 World Club Championship, taking place in Spain. After an excellent 6-1 debut against Colombian side Atlético Nacional, the boys today beat Rayo Vallecano, from Madrid, 3-0. Palmeiras await the results of tomorrow’s games to know their next opponent, now in the quarter-finals. Other teams in the tournament are Real Madrid, Tokushima Vortis and Corinthians (Group 1) and Atlético de Madrid, La Coruña and Sporting Cristal (Group 2).

Palmeiras this week become the first Brazilian football club with an official profile on Spotify, the world’s biggest music streaming service, originating in Sweden in 2008.

Through the agreement, supporters will have access to music related to the club’s history, as well as playlists compiled by some of the current squad’s athletes like Fernando Prass, Rafael Marques and Róger Guedes. Promo stunts for supporters are also in the plans.
“Spotify is a leading brand with great presence among the young. This is a partnership that strengthens the club’s commitment to innovation and the search for the best products and services for the Palmeiras family”, says Victor Assis, Palmeiras’ branding manager.

“Music and football are two national passions with millions of fans wanting to get closer to their idols. In day-to-day life, music is always present in some way. In this partnership with Palmeiras, we provide supporters with the soundtrack of their team and of some of its players”, says Spotify’s marketing director for Latin America, Carolina Baracat.

Spotify has 75 million users worldwide and more than 30 million of these are paying subscribers, having so far generated more than US$ 3 billion to artists and labels.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra! 

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