Palmeiras at the top and Corinthians down the drain

As if to the beat of Black Eyed Peas’ ”I Gotta Feeling”, the script was executed to perfection. Tolima from Colombia kicked arch rivals Corinthians out of the pre stage of the Libertadores Cup, while Palmeiras moved up to the top of the Paulistão table after a 0-1 win against Mirassol.

Without Valdivia, Lincoln, Marcos, Kleber, Marcos Assunção and Danilo, Palmeiras still managed to impose their game and with ample dominion should have scored a couple of times already in the first half, hadn’t it been for Dinei’s dry spell. However, the 0-0 prevailed.

After the break, Mirassol had adjusted their positioning and the game became more equal. Scolari brought youngster Patrik into action, who was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when Cicinho advanced and crossed the ball already inside the penalty area: 0-1 was the end result and brought Palmeiras to the top of the tables, as Santos only managed a draw against Ponte Preta earlier in the evening. Great performances by Luan, Cicinho, Adriano (in the first half), Patrik (in the second) and Deola between the posts. Also, João Vítor is showing a lot of personality and seriousness in the defensive line. Watch the game highlights below.



The stage is set for Sunday’s clash with Corinthians. Will “the skunks” rise from defeat and redeem themselves? Or will Palmeiras add insult to injury, propelling the rivals into an even deeper crisis? Don’t miss out on this epic battle, Sunday 6 February, 17h (GMT-2).


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