Like pearls on a string

13 points in five games. Four straight wins. Yesterday’s 0-2 against Portuguesa again indicates that we’re looking at a team in frank evolution, improving game by game. And when considering that playmakers Valdivia and Lincoln continue absent… With these to back on the pitch in a week or two, things should improve further. In addition, there’s talk about a seventh reinforcement hopefully/probably being announced sometime this week. We’re all curious to learn what’s been up the director’s sleeve as of late. Could we dream of Alex’s return when his contract with Fenerbahçe ends in May? Or is a striker of rank soon to join? In any case, it’s again fun, fun, fun to be palmeirense. Watch the game highlights below.



If only Tirone could have avoided talking so much rubbish in the media this weekend, things would have been perfect. Better just forget about the incident.

On Wednesday Mirasol is the team to beat; a good warming up before this weeks’ main event: the confrontation with Corinthians on Sunday afternoon.



  1. Impressionante, Domingos bateu no Kleber o jogo inteiro, e teve a cara de pau de pedir-lhe a camiseta. O evidente e indisfarçável mau-humor do Gladiador só é superado pelo desdém ao sequer dirigir-lhe o olhar.

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