The evolution of a Team

Easy, easy, hold your horses. Paulista was indeed undefeated so far in the Paulistão, but is in any case not considered a great team. Palmeiras’ third win in a row does not mean that the team is doing great and is ready for the Brazilian Championship anno 2011. Still, it was a pleasant game to watch, again with great performances from Kleber, Cicinho, Marcos Assunção and Luan. Patrick again scored. And São Marcos was back between the post, oh joy! Watch the highlights below.



Felipão is clearly getting his men to perform. A pattern is being established. There are still weak spots – individual players that work hard but simply lack the qualities needed to wear Palmeiras’ jersey, that we’ll have to live with or, hopefully, will see replaced in the few coming weeks. Newly arrived midfielder Chico will add much to the consolidation of the defensive sector.

Without doubt, one major difference today from only two, three weeks back is the tranquility that embeds the team. On and off the pitch. In the media. Everywhere. Scolari is doing his job, methodically, and the results are showing. The ghost of 2009/2010 seems banished.

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