Green on white

Today, my friend Rune took me out on a 15km adventure in the outskirts of Oslo. Not that snow is THAT exciting; after all, I AM Swedish. But we need to keep in mind here that I haven’t been on a pair of skis for at least 14 years. Believe me, it shows. My whole body is aching.

There are plenty of pictures of me sprawled on the ground; in a cloud of powder; even with my head stuck in a pile of white. Those pictures are for very close friends and family: you’ll have to content yourselves with the ones below.

As always, flying the colours. Avanti Palestra!








  1. He,he,he… it seems that the old Palmeiras shirt has been traveling a lot.
    Yes, spread the word, Palmeirista!
    We love you so!!! 🙂 :p

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