Kleber – “The Natural”

First, a mea culpa: I need to get better at putting out the goods in time. Even when, as now, far away from the buzz and following our Verdão only electronically. I owe it to you guys.

Saturday, Palmeiras played Americana and managed to bag the three points. It wasn’t an easy game, as the opponent has defensive qualities and Palmeiras continues without Valdivia and Lincoln. Although Palmeiras created more, the game could have ended goalless hadn’t Kleber picked up a stray ball, advanced and then simply put it away; easy, simple, logical, almost effortlessly. He’s the Brazilian Randy Couture, “the Natural”. Also Cicinho, Marcio Araujo and Danilo put out good performances. Watch the highlights below.



Now, Saturday wasn’t only about the bout on the pitch, but very much also about the one off the pitch:  the election of new counsellors, taking place under a scorching sun. I can’t go into the details right now, but in short: Palmeiras is on the path to change. A new generation is emerging, gaining force within the political life of the club. And the new blood is more than needed. Stay tuned for a thorough exposé in the days to come. For now, that’s all. Have a good week, leaders of the Paulistão!

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