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“No names making reference to the axis powers allowed” read the controversial decree, issued by Brazil’s president Getúlio Vargas in 1942. Under the threat of having to forfeit all the club’s assets and be expelled from the São Paulo state championship they were leading, Palestra Italia changed name to Palmeiras.

From Palestra to Palmeiras, on the week preceding the State championship final against São Paulo Futebol Clube. São Paulo FC, which openly played the treason card in relation to “foreign” sport associations, having already taken over the facilities of “Deutscher Sport Club” through a forced merger. Now, the same club was laying claim to the assets of the former Palestra Italia.
20 September 1942, day of the championship final. Palmeiras entered the pitch carrying a Brazilian flag under the leadership of Army Captain Adalberto Mendes. With the game underway, Palmeiras were soon leading 3-1. Then, with a penalty called in Palmeiras’ favour, São Paulo pulled their side off the field amid jeers and taunts from the stands.

The following day, newspapers sold out. The headline remains in classic: “A Leader Dies, A Champion Is Born”. This defining episode in the club’s history was later coined Arrancada Heroica, the Heroic Jolt.

Happy Anniversary, Palmeiras!


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On the 27 November, I had the privilege to be in São Paulo, and at the Allianz Parque, and on Avenida Paulista, enjoying every breath of Palmeiras’ 9th League title, with my wife by my side. The buzz surrounding the stadium; the Brazilian hymn, with lyrics exchanged for “my Palmeiras” from start to finish; Fernando Prass replacing Jaílson between the posts, moments before the final whistle; the euphoria on the streets as players and supporters celebrated. It’s all here: shaky, far from professional, but exactly how I experienced it.

I get the goosebumps every time. Hope you do to.

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The Allianz Parque press office confirms that the Arena will host several major attractions in the second half of 2015. So far, three shows are confirmed between September and October.

Rod Stewart takes possession of the Allianz Parque amphitheatre on September 19, treating the audience to rock gems from his career that spans no less than five decades. The outspoken Celtic F.C. supporter will certainly enjoy the green surroundings.

On 25 September, pop artist Katy Perry brings her megashow “The Prismatic World Tour” to the people of São Paulo. 

And on October 24, rock band Muse takes the centre stage with their “Drones” tour.

As always, part of the net revenues from these events go to Palmeiras. But there is no such thing as a free lunch: some of the events might clash with home games, dislocating Palmeiras to another venue (and if so, receiving compensation from the construction company WTorre). Another negative aspect is the wear and tear of the grass. After the Paul McCartney and Roberto Carlos shows, the pitch didn’t look good at all. This week however, more resistant grass for the winter season is being planted, which will hopefully limit the damage.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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Palmeiras midfielder Valdivia returned to São Paulo yesterday, having left for Santiago do Chile early Friday morning with his wife Daniela Aránguiz and their two daughters. While the missus and children remain in Chile – Daniela recovering from the trauma of the express hijacking the couple suffered last Thursday night in São Paulo – Valdivia today met with César Sampaio, manager of Palmeiras’ football department. Although nothing was decided in relation to Valdivia’s future at Palmeiras, things do not look too bright. Visibly shook up and, according to Sampaio, crying a lot, Valdivia is far from mentally recovered. The Chilean explained that his wife has no intension to return to Brazil and that he will give priority to the well-being of his family.

Valdivia’s father and brother are arriving in Brazil later today to give their support, and Palmeiras have made a bodyguard available for Valdivia in addition to seeking a psychologist to assist in the recovery of the athlete. This coming Friday has been set as a deadline for Valdivia deciding if he wishes to remain at Palmeiras or not; speculations include lending him out to a Chilean club or even negotiating his transfer back to the Arab world.

“What we can’t have is a ‘Yes’ from Valdivia, but a ‘No’ on the pitch. That won’t help the group, but install insecurity and fear”, Sampaio clarifies. “Any situation comes with a cost, there’s an equation to be solved. There’s our investment, the partnerships. The Club have the power to force him to stay, to say no, make him honour his contract, but I don’t see that kind of discussion leading anywhere. If he decides he wants out, our judicial and financial departments will have to work on a solution. But I will do my outmost to make him stay”, Sampaio concludes.

Yesterday night, Valdivia spent a few hours with the police, giving more details on the hijacking and identifying the criminal caught on tape by a surveillance camera: the police are soon to release the image in order to speed up the investigation.

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Palmeiras midfielder Jorge Valdivia yesterday (Thursday) night suffered what in Brazil is referred to as a sequestro relâmpago – an express hijacking. Valdivia and his wife Daniela Aránguiz were approached by two criminals in western São Paulo and forced to drive around for roughly two hours with the hijackers. The criminals then left after having pocketed R$ 1.000 (US$ 480). Neither Valdivia nor Daniela suffered any type of physical aggression.

However, due to the traumatic incident, Daniela immediately expressed her wish to return to Chile with the couple’s two, small children. The four of them left this (Friday) morning for Santiago de Chile and Valdivia will thus miss out on tomorrow’s game against Altético/MG. The midfielder – who in any case is out from next week’s clash against Grêmio due to suspension – is expected back in São Paulo on Monday.

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The latest printed edition of Café – Sweden’s largest lifestyle magazine – features an article on football in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, aimed at Swedes looking for some football-related fun in Brazil. The article is written by freelancer Henrik Jönsson and the information contained in the section dealing with Palmeiras has at large been provided by yours truly. Enjoy this rare opportunity to brush up on your Swedish!

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