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There’s hardly anything more linked to a football club than its jersey. Supporters wear it proudly, crest over heart, many considering it a second skin. As such, a jersey is a natural gift and object of desire.

Palmeiras have always been rock ‘n’ roll. No coincidence the 101th anniversary was set to AC/DC. And with big names in town, it’s inevitable jerseys swap hands.

Legendary Swedish death metal band At The Gates ended a long Latin America tour in São Paulo earlier this months, receiving a tailored Palmeiras jersey – the initiative originating from fans and the Academia Store in Tatuapé.

Lead singer Tomas Lindberg, At The Gates

Lead singer Tomas Lindberg, At The Gates.

Mike Patton, front man of Faith No More, is a Palmeiras fan since the 90ies. “I love this club and the culprits for this are Igor and Max Cavalera [original band members of Brazilian class act Sepultura]. Words fail me, I am very thankful for this present.” he exclaimed upon receiving a jersey, handed over by Palmeiras’ marketing department last Thursday in São Paulo – one of the stops on the band’s Brazil tour.
No need to be a rock star though: this week, Italian General Consul to São Paulo, Mr Michele Pala, visited the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Joined by the Director for Italian Language Mr Augusto Bellon, the two diplomats met with president Paulo Nobre, learnt more about the club and its Italian roots, and each received a jersey.
Earlier this year, in March, the Irish Minister for Education and Skills, Mrs Jan O’Sullivan, received a signed Palmeiras jersey while visiting São Paulo during Saint Patrick’s Day. The Irish General Consul, Mrs Sharon Lennon, has been at the Allianz Parque on several occasions, rooting for the Verdão.

left: Minister O'Sullivan; right Consul General Lennon and yours truly.

left: Minister O’Sullivan; right: Consul General Lennon and yours truly.

You remember Kevin, the Celtic supporter who in 2012 was escorted out of the Pacaembu by the police, facing the rage of Corinthians supporters for wearing a Celtic top? This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and his family for the first time, in Edinburgh, Scotland. With the collaboration of Palmeiras, I could personally hand him a jersey, signed by the squad, and also a jersey for his son Oscar. Kevin, who wants to become an Avanti supporter but for the moment is held back by not possessing the compulsory CPF identity card (it is for Brazilian citizens only), has framed the jersey and hung it on his wall.
And that is Palmeiras and the palmeirenses – through acts large and small – winning hearts and minds, making friends all over the globe.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!
ps. Have you graced someone “famous” with a Palmeiras jersey? Got pictures? If yes, you’re more than welcome to submit your story (in English or Portuguese), sending it to anything.palmeiras (at) gmail.com


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The Allianz Parque press office confirms that the Arena will host several major attractions in the second half of 2015. So far, three shows are confirmed between September and October.

Rod Stewart takes possession of the Allianz Parque amphitheatre on September 19, treating the audience to rock gems from his career that spans no less than five decades. The outspoken Celtic F.C. supporter will certainly enjoy the green surroundings.

On 25 September, pop artist Katy Perry brings her megashow “The Prismatic World Tour” to the people of São Paulo. 

And on October 24, rock band Muse takes the centre stage with their “Drones” tour.

As always, part of the net revenues from these events go to Palmeiras. But there is no such thing as a free lunch: some of the events might clash with home games, dislocating Palmeiras to another venue (and if so, receiving compensation from the construction company WTorre). Another negative aspect is the wear and tear of the grass. After the Paul McCartney and Roberto Carlos shows, the pitch didn’t look good at all. This week however, more resistant grass for the winter season is being planted, which will hopefully limit the damage.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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Surely you remember Kevin Fawl, the Celtic F.C. supporter who roughly a year ago was escorted out of the Pacaembu stadium by the police after having attended a Corinthians game wearing his team’s green and white-striped jersey. You can refresh your memory reading Kevin’s exclusive interview for Anything Palmeiras here. Or click here for Brazilian ESPN’s Portuguese translation.

Kevin recently visited Brazil again and, today, sent me a picture of his five-year-old son Oscar, proudly showing off his new jersey.

In Brazil, today is National Children’s Day. The date is a different one in the UK, but who cares: happy Children’s Day, Oscar! And welcome to the family!

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Last week, two separate incidents that took place on Sunday 30 September made headlines both in Brazil and worldwide: the first involved a 13-year-old girl who stirred the blood of Coritiba supporters as she asked for and received the jersey from a player of the opposite team (Lucas, of São Paulo) at the end of the game; the second incident involved a Celtic supporter watching a Corinthians game from the stands at the Pacaembu, and is the focus of this post.

In an all-exclusive interview for Anything Palmeiras, 43-year-old Kevin Fawl from Edinburgh tells us exactly what happened that day and why the Corinthians club management have expressed their eagerness in finding the Scotsman to “put things right”.

— ooo —

Anything Palmeiras: Tell us a little about your trip, Kevin. Was this your first time in Brazil?

Kevin Fawl: Yes, it was. I arrived in São Paulo to conduct a few audits, arriving Saturday 30 September and leaving Thursday 4th October. This was my first time in Brazil and I do not speak Portuguese.

AP: Why on earth go to a Corinthians game in the first place?!?

KF: I had the Sunday available to rest and adjust to the time-zone. So I thought I would try and see a Brazilian football match. When I checked online in Scotland, the only game was Corinthians vs. Sport at 4pm on the Sunday. I talked to my contact in São Paulo and he got me a VIP ticket which was left at the hotel desk for my arrival.

AP: You’re a big Celtic fan, I take it.

KF: I always wear my Celtic tops and had my hoops on when I went. Celtic are a Scottish team 6.000 miles away from São Paulo. I did not believe there was any relevance between the two teams and still don’t.

There were lots of fans outside and there did not appear to be an issue outside the stadium. I also visited the stadium, the museum, etc.

When I entered the VIP door, I was shown to my seat. I looked around and there were other team shirts such as Sunderland, Inter Milan, etc. So I didn’t think I was out of place with my Celtic top.

Everything calm initially

AP: When did you start noticing something was wrong? Talk us through what happened.

The first half was ok, but no goals and passed off without any issue. However, when the referee blew for half-time that status changed. I stood up to stretch my legs and heard a couple of loud voices shouting in Portuguese. I thought this was normal and didn’t take any notice. I looked inside my VIP bag, etc. Then the number of voices increased and the volume increased. I then looked around and it was clear it was something near me that was the problem.

AP: “Near you”? The innocence of the lambs…

KF: Again, I just assumed it was something other than me that was the issue, as I had no reason to feel threatened.

Then, a Corinthians supporter outside the VIP area got my attention and told me that my top was causing offense. At that point, a police officer appeared and spoke in Portuguese. I started to realize what was happening and thought the best course of action was to go inside the VIP area away from the crowd. As I did this, two officers followed me in and a couple of fans apologized and shook their heads. The noise at this point was very loud and it sounded like half the stadium was jeering.

Escorted out by the police…

Once inside, I decided that it was best to put on my jacket, leave the stadium, and go back to the hotel. Which I did. As I left the VIP area to exit, one of the girls said that they were sorry and the issue was due to one of Corinthians’ rivals wearing green tops. Which I now know to be Palmeiras.

AP: Yes, the rivalry between Palmeiras and Corinthians is indeed something special and the derbies between the two are among the most talked about in Brazilian football. But say: in your opinion, were you foolish and, in a sense, “deserved it” or were the Corinthians supporters out of line?

KF: I think the Corinthians’ fans were a bit strange. A colour of a top does not define a team. A Celtic top is a Celtic top. Just as a Palmeiras top is a Palmeiras top. If I was wearing a Palmeiras shirt, then you could argue stupidity on my part. But I wasn’t.

In hindsight, I could have checked this. However, it should not excuse the poor behaviour of those fans towards a foreign tourist whose only objective was to enjoy his first Brazilian football match.

AP: Meaning you have now understood that in Brazil, you belong to a family of 15 million who wears green and white, the glorious Palmeiras family, who would receive you with open arms?

KF: I may be in São Paulo in 12 months and would happily come to see a full 90 minutes of a Palmeiras game, proudly wearing the Green and White hoops of Glasgow Celtic.

AP: Kevin, thank you for sharing your story with us. Welcome back to Brazil, to São Paulo, and to Palmeiras; may your next stay surprise you only positively!

KF: You’re welcome. Thank you.

— ooo —

EDIT: Unfortunately, Kevin left Brazil before Palmeiras and yours truly got hold of him – otherwise, he could have looked forward to a visit at the Club House and a tour around the construction site of the New Arena. In any case, it’s now confirmed by Palmeiras’ Press Office that our own Scotsman can expect a little something in the snail mail any of these days.

Avanti Palestra!

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