Happy Children’s Day, Oscar!

Surely you remember Kevin Fawl, the Celtic F.C. supporter who roughly a year ago was escorted out of the Pacaembu stadium by the police after having attended a Corinthians game wearing his team’s green and white-striped jersey. You can refresh your memory reading Kevin’s exclusive interview for Anything Palmeiras here. Or click here for Brazilian ESPN’s Portuguese translation.

Kevin recently visited Brazil again and, today, sent me a picture of his five-year-old son Oscar, proudly showing off his new jersey.

In Brazil, today is National Children’s Day. The date is a different one in the UK, but who cares: happy Children’s Day, Oscar! And welcome to the family!


  1. Thanks to corinthians jerks, please do more acts like these – we are proud of you!
    Threat bad the foreigners and let them become Palmeiras! Our team threats well any foreigner. In our stadium, nobody cares if you wear black and white, these are just clothes!

  2. Happy Children’s Day to all NewGeneration’s fans. Welcome to the family, mates from Scotland !!! In Brazil … In the World … We are Palmeiras !!!

  3. Kevin and Oscar, come next year for the inauguration of Palmeiras new stadium (Allianz Parque, 2014). Big hug! Cya!

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