Sonar pings #62

moneypigThe normally reliable Verdazzo website yesterday brought an important piece of news: Palmeiras have been granted a substantial loan and on very favourable terms. In fact, the financial package was tailored some time ago in agreement with a financial institution, but not until last week did the arrangement also pass the needle’s eye of the club’s Fiscal Council. With this, Palmeiras will receive a considerable amount in two instalments, allowing the club to renegotiate short-term debts, equip the new buildings constructed by WTorre around the Allianz Parque, and enter as a major player in the upcoming transfer window.

The arrangement was possible due to the Nobre administration’s sound financial management, solid proposal and good professional contacts. But equally important – albeit far less glamorous – was Paulo Nobre’s pragmatic approach to maintaining dialoguing with key players within the club’s political structure, however revolting some of them come across. Without this dialogue, in a certain way making them part of the process, the arrangement would most likely have been shot down. Instead, Palmeiras take one more important step toward the shift of paradigms we all dream of.

— ooo —

Dreams… Of which some turn into nightmares, at least for our rivals. How else could a corintiano describe his feelings when learning that the concrete of the shamefully government-funded “Itaqueirão” stadium in part consists of recycled concrete from the Palestra Italia? Corintianos, who gladly would change the colour of grass if they could, will soon step on Palestra concrete every time they enter “their own” stadium. Nothing short of glorious.

— ooo —

It’s easy to forget, but a championship is also taking place. As mentioned before, the challenge is keeping motivation up. Last Saturday against América/RN was a complete failure in that sense: the  vast superiority in the first half didn’t translate into goals and the second half was a dish served cold, with Kleina’s strange coaching options on the side. A goalless draw at the Pacaembu against one of the second division’s weaker sides is unacceptable. Yesterday (Tuesday) night, against Oeste and the terrible pitch in Rio Preto, Palmeiras comfortably won 2-0 after goals by Leandro and Serginho. With 59 points and twelve rounds to go, Palmeiras are drawing very close to their virtual ascension, as fifth-placed Joinville are 17 points behind. Considering the current scenario, 65 points should suffice save a spectacular comeback by the team from Santa Catarina.

— ooo —

Following a decision by the always present Supreme Tribunal for Sports (STJD) to punish the club after a fight on 27 July between members of two main supporter groups at the Dario Rodrigues Leite stadium minutes before the game against Guaratinguetá, Palmeiras play their coming two home games far from the capital. The club has chosen the Café stadium in Londrina to stage the games against Figueirense on 8 October and Guaratinguetá on 11 October. Before that, on Saturday 5 October, Palmeiras travel to Natal to take on ABC at the Frasqueirão stadium.

— ooo —

Speaking of the STJD: Flamengo player Elias admitted to provoking a third yellow card – on direct orders from the coach – in a recent game against Santos. Remember Valdivia receiving a two-game suspension by the STJD for the exact same “breach”? Well, Elias was “punished” by the STJD with a one game suspension, which he of course already had served due to the third booking. It’s getting old but needs repeating over and over again. The STJD is nothing but a joke. A biased, bad joke.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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