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palmeirasdublinNo greener country than Ireland, no greener football team than Palmeiras. Fuse the two and great things happen. For the Olé Palmeiras website, Bruno Maciel interviewed the founders of the largest Palmeiras supporter group outside of Brazil, here translated into English by yours truly.

This is the second article in a series, featuring the main Palmeiras supporter groups outside of Brazil.

Curious to know what other Palmeiras supporter groups and Consulates there are out there? Check out our “Abroad” section! You know of any groups outside of Brazil not on the list? Drop us a line on twitter or by email!

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Responsible for founding Palmeiras Dublin, 27-year-old Diego Bianchi and 42-year-old Renato Sales say that on any given game day about 40 palmeirenses come together at the “Buskers on the Ball”, located at 13-17 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Multiply this number by three when “The Verdão” play any of the other major teams in the league.

“We watch every Palmeiras game through international TV channels, and through the internet. On weekends, it’s easy. Now, games on weekdays, depending on the time… When kick-off is past midnight (there’s a 2-4 hour difference to Brazil, depending on the season) we have an agreement with the pub owner, an American, who will open the place exclusively for us, if we bring at least 20 people”, Diego explains.

The Palmeiras Family is such an integrated part of the “Buskers on the Ball”, they even have a space reserved only for them. And there, framed in the wall, you find a Palmeiras jersey from the victorious 2016 Brazilian championship campaign, autographed by the squad.

According to Renato, Palmeiras Dublin originally emerged with the sole aim of celebrating Palmeiras’ centenary, in 2014. At the time, two days before the anniversary, he and Diego posted messages on social networks, calling out to palmeirenses in the city and surrounding areas to meet up at “The Living Room”, a pub located on Cathal Brugha St, Rotunda, Dublin 1, very close the Irish capital’s main tourist point, “the Spire”.

“To our surprise, more than 50 people showed up to celebrate the centenary. The general manager of the pub was blown away by our party and from that day, we meet up to watch every game”, Renato reveals.


First get-together, in 2014, to celebrate Palmeiras’ centenary

The Living Room was Palmieras Dublin’s headquarters for two years. With the linear growth of the group, an invitation materialised from the owners of “Buskers on the Ball”, a bigger and more structured establishment, and Palmeiras Dublin changed its address.”Almost all the staff at “Buskers on the Ball” are Irish, but today they cheer for Palmeiras, take an active interest in the team, wear our shirts and caps”, Renato adds.

“Buskers on the Ball” is a sports bar, primarily attended by locals. And although the Irish are party-goers, they are not accustomed to the Brazilian way of watching games, Diego argues. “We sing songs, our club anthem, we have a blast. I especially remember an episode in 2015, Palmeiras playing Flamengo. We were in large numbers, watching the game, and there was a Flamengo supporter watching the game with us. Palmeiras opened the scorecard but Flamengo turned the game around, making it 2-1. An Irish crowd at the pub began to cheer for Flamengo, as a way to have a bit of fun with us. Then, when Palmeiras turned the game, we all went up to their table; it was sensational observing the faces of shock and amazement of the Irish as we celebrated the goal full tilt”, Diego smiles.

In December of 2015 and 2016, the Spire, Dublin’s main tourist attraction, was overtaken by palmeirenses, celebrating, respectively, the Brazil Cup title and the Brazilian Championship title.

“The Brazil Cup final took place at dawn here and it was the only time that “The Living Room” reached maximum capacity for a single audience: we had more than 300 palmeirenses at the premises. The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. We even had people from other countries in Europe travelling in order to watch and celebrate with us. Now, for the 2016 championship title, we hosted a party identical to the 2 year anniversary of Palmeiras Dublin in August. We decorated the “Buskers on the Ball” and hired a DJ to lead the celebration, which also ran late into night with the presence of more than 450 palmeirenses“, Renato recalls.
Be it for fun, work or studies: Palmeiras Dublin’s fame has become so evident, some palmeirenses actually chose Ireland and Dublin as their destination partly because of the supporter group. No wonder Palmeiras in 2017 invited Palmeiras Dublin to become a Consulate, a representative of Palmeiras in the country.

“This is all very cool because it is a formal recognition of the work we do here. We are now an extension of Palmeiras in Ireland and in the European Union. We enjoy the same autonomy as before, but we have to report on activities we carry out for Palmeiras. We exchanged ideas with other Consulates and with our Department back in São Paulo, now with a “seal of approval” from the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, the club we love”, Diego explains.

All this popularity led to Ireland’s Consul General in São Paulo, Sharon Lennon, last year record a video message for the members of Palmeiras Dublin. “Our dreams are coming through, little by little. What began three years ago with a simple meeting has turned into a reference for Palmeiras Consulates around the world. This is priceless”, Renato concludes.


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There’s hardly anything more linked to a football club than its jersey. Supporters wear it proudly, crest over heart, many considering it a second skin. As such, a jersey is a natural gift and object of desire.

Palmeiras have always been rock ‘n’ roll. No coincidence the 101th anniversary was set to AC/DC. And with big names in town, it’s inevitable jerseys swap hands.

Legendary Swedish death metal band At The Gates ended a long Latin America tour in São Paulo earlier this months, receiving a tailored Palmeiras jersey – the initiative originating from fans and the Academia Store in Tatuapé.

Lead singer Tomas Lindberg, At The Gates

Lead singer Tomas Lindberg, At The Gates.

Mike Patton, front man of Faith No More, is a Palmeiras fan since the 90ies. “I love this club and the culprits for this are Igor and Max Cavalera [original band members of Brazilian class act Sepultura]. Words fail me, I am very thankful for this present.” he exclaimed upon receiving a jersey, handed over by Palmeiras’ marketing department last Thursday in São Paulo – one of the stops on the band’s Brazil tour.
No need to be a rock star though: this week, Italian General Consul to São Paulo, Mr Michele Pala, visited the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Joined by the Director for Italian Language Mr Augusto Bellon, the two diplomats met with president Paulo Nobre, learnt more about the club and its Italian roots, and each received a jersey.
Earlier this year, in March, the Irish Minister for Education and Skills, Mrs Jan O’Sullivan, received a signed Palmeiras jersey while visiting São Paulo during Saint Patrick’s Day. The Irish General Consul, Mrs Sharon Lennon, has been at the Allianz Parque on several occasions, rooting for the Verdão.

left: Minister O'Sullivan; right Consul General Lennon and yours truly.

left: Minister O’Sullivan; right: Consul General Lennon and yours truly.

You remember Kevin, the Celtic supporter who in 2012 was escorted out of the Pacaembu by the police, facing the rage of Corinthians supporters for wearing a Celtic top? This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and his family for the first time, in Edinburgh, Scotland. With the collaboration of Palmeiras, I could personally hand him a jersey, signed by the squad, and also a jersey for his son Oscar. Kevin, who wants to become an Avanti supporter but for the moment is held back by not possessing the compulsory CPF identity card (it is for Brazilian citizens only), has framed the jersey and hung it on his wall.
And that is Palmeiras and the palmeirenses – through acts large and small – winning hearts and minds, making friends all over the globe.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!
ps. Have you graced someone “famous” with a Palmeiras jersey? Got pictures? If yes, you’re more than welcome to submit your story (in English or Portuguese), sending it to anything.palmeiras (at) gmail.com

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For over a thousand years, 17 March is Saint Patrick’s Day, the day the Irish celebrate their patron. Saint Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland and also in other countries with many Irish descendants like Canada, UK, Australia, the United States and New Zealand. Ireland is known as the “Emerald Isle” because of its vast green steppes. No wonder that the colour of Ireland, and consequently also Saint Patrick’s, is green. In São Paulo, as part of the celebrations, several monuments were illuminated, including a viaduct, a library, a bridge and a statue – all this catered for by the municipality.

The Irish Minister for Education and Skills, Mrs Jan O’Sullivan, spent the last few days in Brazil. In addition to inaugurating the Irish Consulate General in São Paulo, Mrs O’Sullivan attended several meetings with institutions and universities linked to the “Science without borders” programme. She also announced the launching of a Master’s degree scholarship programme for Brazilian students.

With such a distinguished representative from the greenest of countries in São Paulo, the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras naturally seized the opportunity to present the Minister with a Palmeiras jersey. A white model was chosen, highlighting the signature of the squad’s captain Zé Roberto. The contact between the Irish delegation and Palmeiras was brokered by yours truly.
Minister Jan O’Sullivan was delighted. “I am honoured to have been presented a Palmeiras jersey signed by the ‘craque’ Zé Roberto. As a Government Minister from a small green country, it feels right for me to join all the great palmeirenses. I wish the club all the very best of luck for the rest of the season!” she stated shortly before leaving the country.

It is Palmeiras, once again, conquering hearts and minds!

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