Breaking News – Valdivia and wife victims of express hijacking

Palmeiras midfielder Jorge Valdivia yesterday (Thursday) night suffered what in Brazil is referred to as a sequestro relâmpago – an express hijacking. Valdivia and his wife Daniela Aránguiz were approached by two criminals in western São Paulo and forced to drive around for roughly two hours with the hijackers. The criminals then left after having pocketed R$ 1.000 (US$ 480). Neither Valdivia nor Daniela suffered any type of physical aggression.

However, due to the traumatic incident, Daniela immediately expressed her wish to return to Chile with the couple’s two, small children. The four of them left this (Friday) morning for Santiago de Chile and Valdivia will thus miss out on tomorrow’s game against Altético/MG. The midfielder – who in any case is out from next week’s clash against Grêmio due to suspension – is expected back in São Paulo on Monday.


  1. Unfortunately, I think this episode is game-over for Valdivia’s life in Brazil. I say cos I Know how it is like this kind of menace, even with no physical injuries. The emotional is definitely damaged. However Valdivia´s low productivity lately, once again we’ll lose a player for violence.

    1. Newton,

      Each individual reacts in hos own way, there’s no way to tell. We’ll know in time. And I don’t know how Valdivia’s marriage has been lately, but his wife spending more time in Chile might have positive or negative influences on the player… Again, only time will tell. In any case, I do wish for a speedy mental recovery for him and his family.

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