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“No names making reference to the axis powers allowed” read the controversial decree, issued by Brazil’s president Getúlio Vargas in 1942. Under the threat of having to forfeit all the club’s assets and be expelled from the São Paulo state championship they were leading, Palestra Italia changed name to Palmeiras.

From Palestra to Palmeiras, on the week preceding the State championship final against São Paulo Futebol Clube. São Paulo FC, which openly played the treason card in relation to “foreign” sport associations, having already taken over the facilities of “Deutscher Sport Club” through a forced merger. Now, the same club was laying claim to the assets of the former Palestra Italia.
20 September 1942, day of the championship final. Palmeiras entered the pitch carrying a Brazilian flag under the leadership of Army Captain Adalberto Mendes. With the game underway, Palmeiras were soon leading 3-1. Then, with a penalty called in Palmeiras’ favour, São Paulo pulled their side off the field amid jeers and taunts from the stands.

The following day, newspapers sold out. The headline remains in classic: “A Leader Dies, A Champion Is Born”. This defining episode in the club’s history was later coined Arrancada Heroica, the Heroic Jolt.

Happy Anniversary, Palmeiras!


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In our previous Sonar pings, reference was made to two players expected to arrive: Arancibia and Egídio. And they did arrive.

egidio_assinaLeft-defender Egídio signed a contract worth three seasons at Palmeiras, having being release from his previous short-lived contract with FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. Egídio, previously at Cruzeiro and voted best left-back in the Brazilian league 2014, claims he was without receiving at the Ukrainian club. Not surprisingly, Dnipro claim differently and if this article is only half-true, both Palmeiras and the player might be in for quite some turbulence.

aranciWith Francisco Andrés Arancibia Silva there’s no turbulence, although other Brazilian clubs reportedly did what they could to cross the deal, as the midfielder is considered a rough gem. Arancibia is left-footed, 170 cm tall and only 18 years old. He will enter Palmeiras’ U20 squad and, expectedly, work his way up. Palmeiras has a one-year agreement with the player and O’Higgins – the first division Chilean club from Arancibia’s city of birth Rancagua. With appearances in the national youth squad and recently in the National squad, his price tag by the end of 2015 has been fixed at US$ 600.000.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Palmeiras of today thinking of the Palmeiras of the future.

— ooo —

Thinking of the future sometimes takes us back in time. As you all know, Palmeiras were born Palestra Italia. Palestra Italia was also the name of our stadium, up until the construction of the Allianz Parque arena. With that, Palestra Italia was no longer physically anchored but “only” in our memory. That has now been remedied as a part of the Turiaçu street, exactly the stretch where the Allianz Parque arena is situated, has been officially renamed Palestra Italia street. The decision was formalised earlier this week, in the Chamber of the Municipality of São Paulo, with Palmeiras president Paulo Nobre receiving a document confirming the alteration.
With the name change, future generations will always have a physical reference to the Palestra Italia. By honouring the past, we are securing the future. In addition, Palmeiras are now one of the very few clubs to reside and play on an address that bears its name.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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