Five-year anniversary: greatest hits at Anything Palmeiras


Today, 21 July 2015, Anything Palmeiras celebrates 5 years of existence. We started off small and we are still small, although it’s been no less than 648 posts throughout the years – roughly one post every three days. With readers scattered all around the globe, some 5.880 facebook followers and 6.960 on twitter, I can assure you that the incentives to keep it up are considerable. And so is the positive feedback I receive every day. I do it for you guys. I trust you know who you are.

Through the years, some posts have caused more of a stir than others. Below, the top five of all time – literarily, Anything Palmeiras’ greatest hits. Enjoy!

#1 The story of Kevin – a Celtic supporter expelled from a Corinthians game for wearing the wrong colours.

#2 Open letter to Mr Zlatan Ibrahimović.

#3 You find palmeirenses everywhere, even among the Kayapó Indians.

#4 Early attempts to get the “stehplatz” concept implemented at the Allianz Parque drew a lot of attention.

#5 One of the very few posts in Portuguese: collecting votes for the 2013 Football Blogging Awards.

#Bonus (and a personal favourite): a post from 2010 on the shady business involving Teixeira, Kassab, Sanchez, BNDES, Odebrecht, Lula… 
*Viking Pig illustration courtesy of the one and only Custódio Rosa Filho: expect more international pigs in the months to come!


  1. Congratulations, Kristian. We, palmeirenses, are proud of this source of information of Palmeiras. Thank you for this great job.

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