Open letter to Mr Zlatan Ibrahimović

Dear Zlatan,

Allow me to call you by your first name, as we would in Sweden.

Before anything else, congratulations on your brilliant career. And thank you for flying Sweden’s colours so splendidly.

Zlatan, as soon as you pull on a club jersey, you win a league title. Seven clubs so far, league titles in the last six of them. Unbeatable timing, combined with skill and determination. I’d like to show you some new hunting grounds.

The Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras – or just Palmeiras for short – is Brazil’s most successful football club, with more than 15 million passionate supporters. We’ve recently been through some rough times – including two relegations in the last decade – but the tide has finally changed: the squad is brand new and qualified; the club’s finances are in order; and our own stadium – the Allianz Parque, holding 43.000 spectators – was inaugurated only months ago and is Latin Americas most modern multipurpose arena.

Considering the above, no wonder Palmeiras’ supporter membership programme is the fastest growing in the world.

One of the few details missing to complete the picture is a one-of-a-kind forward. You would fit like a glove, Zlatan. Brazilians love a winner, a cocky and confident leader. You’d take not only Brazil by storm, but the whole of Latin America, as Palmeiras battle it out in future editions of the Copa Libertadores.

Now, don’t think it’ll be a walk in the park: the Brazilian league is one of the world’s toughest, with ten different clubs having lifted the trophy in the last two decades. The Libertadores Cup is also quite the nut to crack, sporting nine different champions in its last ten editions. Challenging.

Brazil, as a country, can also be challenging, even overwhelming at times. That would include the buzzing metropolis of São Paulo, which is an acquired taste. But then, in certain ways, so are you.

Language-wise you will be just fine: with your Italian and Spanish skills, you’ll pick up Portuguese in no time.

The Brazilian Championship kicks off this Saturday 9 May, Palmeiras receiving Atlético Mineiro at home. May I suggest you allow everything I have told you to linger somewhere in the back of your mind. Who knows, one day, you feel the urge to gravitate toward this part of the World. Personally, I can nothing but recommend it: I’ve been here for 18 years and counting.

By the way, has anyone told you green looks good on you?

Come rule the Americas with us.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

Kristian Bengtson, editor, Anything Palmeiras
* Illustration by Custódio Rosa



  1. As I wrote on FB, May he read your letter and come to be or new killer 9. Afterall, dreaming is (still) free…

    1. The seed has been planted… Let’s see. Dreaming is, indeed, still free. I’d love to have some feedback from Mr Z. Let’s wait and see. Cheers, Giancarlo!

  2. Your blog is very nice, man! I always read it! It makes me proud to see that we are a people from all kinds and places in the world! Cheers, Thiago

  3. Hi man, nice post, however it is an impossible dream. I wish we could have Ibra as our forward, however with CBF and the entire control of Globo to our tournament we might not be able to get those kind of exceptional player. Globo is tryng to set up a two big team competition, such Spain, and Palmeiras, what is notorial renegade by open TV will face huge challenge. Anyway, you have a very nice blog and for a Brazilian that leaves in the far Switzerland is always nice to see the extension of our Green Nation. Keep writing and keep tryng. Cheers

    1. Dear Marcio,

      I do agree, it’s a dream only. But could turn reality in, who knows, 2 year’s time? Didn’t Seedorf suddenly appear to shine his light over here? Not comparing the two in any aspect, but nevertheless… People do funny things and the way Palmeiras might take off… Keep the dream alive, mate!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and for the nice words. Stay safe in Switzerland (met the Swiss ambassador to Brazil yesterday, in fact) and keep following our Verdão in the ways that are available to you, mate. Abraço!

  4. Hi Kristian,

    Nice letter!! Do you know if he will indeed read it? Any chance to reach him?

    Shouldn’t it have more credibility to him if it was written in Swedish?? lol

    Go ahead and write a new one on your (and his) native language.


    1. Hi Eduardo,

      I expect it to reach him. I’ve asked some Swedish journalist friends of mine to helo out also. In any case: no, I don’t think it makes any difference if it’s in English or Swedish. He’s fluent in both anyway. Cheers!

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