STJD 9-0 Palmeiras

Not that anyone really expected that Palmeiras would get a rematch against Internacional, forcing the Brazilian Football Federation CBF to abide by FIFA regulations. Still, the massive opposition from the Brazilian Superior Tribunal for Sports experienced this morning was rather overwhelming, if not humiliating. Palmeiras had evidence ready – including statements from lip readers – but these were denied by the Tribunal. Another setback was the absence of journalist Taynah Espinoza from TV Bandeirantes, the one who asserted that the CBF representative Gérson Baluta indeed checked with journalists before passing the word on to the fourth referee who in turn proceeded to have Barcos’ goal disallowed. Curiously enough, Mrs Espinoza did not receive permission from her employer to appear before the Tribunal.

In the end, it was word against word. And the judges of the STJD explicitly declared they had no reason to doubt the honour of the referees or CBF representative Baluta. On the contrary: wouldn’t it be absurd if these gentlemen all came before the Tribunal and lied? End of story.

In any serious country, the Football Federation would have conducted their own, independent investigation. In any serious country (and of course provided that external interference had been proven), not only would the match be rescheduled but the fourth referee and the CBF representative severely punished to set an example.

The pictures from the spectacle were snatched from the STJD online live coverage. What a circus.


  1. My dear Kristian, not that anyone expected that this is a serious country… Even worse when comes to honesty and honour – core values that the reality of daily life here insist in show us that they are not necessarily part of our shared DNA. Sad but true… But still I still believe Palmeiras can meet the challenge and set the example. May time play not against us. Thank you for the post.

    1. Dear Sheila,

      Difficult times ahead. On Sunday we’ll learn our destiny for the coming year. I sincerely believe that if we beat Fluminense – although not much point in that direction – we will pull through. Sunday it’s all or nothing.

      What concerns the STJD, or any football matter, one can not expect much. The CBF is a disgrace. Our cartolas, idem. It’s all a mess.

      The only way to change this is from within, starting with the proper clubs.

      Cheers, have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, totally agree to your points. I wish I would be here to watch the match but still wish the best of luck to our Verdão: they can do it! Now it is time to catch my plane and hope that Federer will do well and take part at the ATP World Tour’s final match on Monday! 😉 Have a great weekend!

      1. Well, both of them I may say. I do have tickets for the final match on Monday (London) and I’m still hoping that Federer (my idol) will beat Murray tomorrow (Sunday) and make his way to the final match! 🙂

  3. Publicado em 30/07/2012 por willbar2503

    Comentarista da Rede Bandeirantes e blogueiro do UOL Esporte, o ex-jogador Neto fala sobre a influencia negativa que a arbitragem vem tendo nos jogos do Palmeiras no Brasileirão 2012.
    vc stjd vc e fdp seus gambás flhos da puta stjd

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