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With uncharacteristic speed, the Superior Brazilian Tribunal of Sports settled the “external interference” matter of last week. Not surprisingly, there will be no rematch, and the three points have been returned to Flamengo. However, it is surprising that the Tribunal did not even rule on the claim. The president of the entity simply archived the case, justifying his decision with “Lip reading is not proof of anything, and the inspector of refereeing says he did nothing wrong, so… Case closed”.

Case closed, ladies and gentlemen. No investigation, no ruling. Straight to the archives.

The signal is clear: external interference will be tolerated. A precedence has been set. A precedence that is destined to change dynamics on the pitch. In dubious situations, we will see players huddle the referee and simply not allow the game to restart until someone somewhere, with access to a replay, gives the players a thumbs up or down.

“But Flamengo won on the pitch and football should be decided on the pitch, not by a tribunal”, many argue, including quite a lot of sports journalists. I strongly disagree. Flamengo did not win on the pitch, Flamengo drew on the pitch. Flamengo drew, because the referees allowed an offside goal for the opponent – something not uncommon and “part of the game”. The draw only turned into a win for Flamengo due to the external interference; the illegal, off-pitch interference. Where is the justice in that?

The game has changed. Not for the better. And it is all self-inflicted. Congratulations to everyone involved.


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The round could not have shaped up any better for Palmeiras. Figueirense might be in the relegation zone, but are strong at their home grounds Orlando Scarpelli, where they lost only two games this season. Three games now.

Cuca surprised, placing rarely used Fabiano on the right flank, displacing Jean to the middle. Could have worked, but Figueirense populated the midfield with defensive players, effectively clogging things up. However, Palmeiras slowly learnt to master both the slippery surface and the spaces available on the flanks, creating chances in the last third of the first half. Virgin scorecard in halftime.

Palmeiras came out determined, applying pressure and creating several chances within the first minutes. At the seventh, Gabriel Jesus received an arm to his face as he went up heading a ball in the penalty area. Much confusion as the Figueira players applied Flamengo-style pressure on the referee, perhaps buying time in hope of an external interference. No such luck: while Gabriel Jesus received medical attention, Jean tucked the ball away, giving Palmeiras the lead.

Palmeiras continued dominating the game. The referee could have awarded Figuerense a penalty, as Egídio stupidly made contact with an opponent right on the divisor of the penalty area, but did not. Just as he did not reward Dudu with one in the first half, when our forward was taken down inside the area.

At 39 minutes, Gabriel Jesus broke free on the left flank and somehow got the ball into the middle, where a charging Jean found his second brace for the night. The three points seemed in the bag, but no: shortly after, Figuerense scored on a corner, Jaílson completely misjudging the trajectory of the ball. A few minutes of nervousness ended with the final whistle. Major victory.

Simultaneously, we palmeirenses had all been keeping an eye on Inter vs Flamengo and Botafogo vs Atlético. Both games swung back and forth, but ended with defeat for the two title contenders. With that, Palmeiras pulled ahead of Flamengo four points, and Atlético a whopping eight points.

— ooo —

Four points ahead of Flamengo, which today Tuesday, at least momentarily, turned into seven points. The Supreme Tribunal of Sports accepted Fluminense’s claim that their game against Flamengo – which originated the external interference scandal – should be subject to their ruling. As Fluminense are seeking a rematch, the points awarded Flamengo have been suspended, the two teams now featuring one game short compared to the rest. No one knows when the court will decides on the case. It can take weeks.

A special feature on Brazilian TV significantly strengthened Fluminense’s case last Sunday, analysing footage from the game. In the middle of the ruckus, with players from both teams pressuring the referee, a man in a suit, identified as the inspector of refereeing for the game, is seen talking to the referee – which is a violation in itself – lip synch experts affirming he says “TV showed it, TV showed the offside”.

External influence is such a severe breach of regulation, a rematch would be expected in any serious country. I leave it at that.

— ooo —

Palmeiras now switch attention to the Brazil Cup, where Grêmio await tomorrow Wednesday. Having lost the away leg 2-1, a simple 1-0 victory would see Palmeiras through to the semi-finals. That being said: Cuca will opt for sparing roughly half of his ordinary starting eleven, letting players like Moisés, Dudu, Roger Guedes, Edu Dracena and Yerry Mina rest ahead of the game against Sport on Sunday. No doubt the Brazilian Championship it the top priority. And I completely agree, although I believe Palmeiras have the quality and the manpower to win both titles this year.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

*photo by César Greco

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After beating Corinthians 2-0 at the Itaquera, Palmeiras went on to secure another three points against Coritiba at home. Naturally, Palmeiras remain in the lead, as has been the case in 18 out of the 27 rounds so far played. The 28th round got underway yesterday, and as Flamengo only drew with São Paulo, Palmeiras are guaranteed the top spot regardless of tomorrow Monday’s result against Santa Cruz, away. No games are being played in Brazil today, Sunday, due to the municipal elections.


19 rounds in the lead. A strong and numerous squad, giving coach Cuca many options. Nevertheless, it seems as runner-up Flamengo is the team to beat. The press cannot get enough of the “smells like the seventh title” slogan Flamengo supporters recently adopted to describe the team’s campaign.


Observer turned protagonist?

Press describing supporter’s enthusiasm is one thing. Having to put up with certain journalists’ biased opinions is something very different. The illness is spreading like wildfire in Brazilian sports coverage, where infotainment and controversy is the name of the game. It has reached a point where ESPN expert commentator Mauro Cezar Pereira, week after week, tells his audience why Palmeiras are limited and vulnerable – using statistics that he does not apply to other teams, and certainly not the one close to his heart – before last week actually placing a phone call (!) to the Palmeiras coach, laying out what kind of play he would expect from a team of Palmeiras’ calibre.

In addition we have the constant flood of rumours and negative headlines. “Cuca set for China in 2017”. “Rafael Marques and Cuca cause split in squad after locker room argument”. “Palmeiras seek to avoid 2009 campaign, when a championship title already in the bag turned to dust in the last 10 rounds”. “Palmeiras players don’t score with their left foot”. At least, there are some sports journalists openly questioning what the heck is going on, indicating a slight crack in the normally solid corporativism.   

The icing on the cake is called STJD – the Supreme Tribunal of Sports. As you already read here, Palmeiras were heavily punished after ultras clashed in an away game against Flamengo in Brasilia earlier this year: five home games with the North Sector empty and five away games without any ticket rights – the idea here clearly depriving the club of its most powerful ally, it’s supporters. What is the STJD’s ruling after Corinthians ultras fight with the police during the recent derby at the Itaquera? Just a small fine for our rivals.

A few weeks back, during Palmeiras vs. Flamengo at the Allianz Parque, the visiting club’s directors watched the game from a designated box. This setup has never before been the root of any problems, but this time insults flew between supporters below and the visitors, and apparently also some ice cubes. There are plenty of footage showing the visitors laughing and provoking the Palmeiras supporters. After the game, Flamengo filed a complaint with the STJD, seeking a punishment for Palmeiras due to “the clubs inability to provide safety and well-being”, or something along those lines. Do not be surprised if this farce generates another punishment. Palmeiras against all and everyone, as always.

— ooo —

The first leg of the Brazil Cup quarterfinals took place this week, with the following results:

Grêmio 2-1 Palmeiras
Atlético Mineiro 1-0 Juventude
Santos 2-1 Internacional
Corinthians 2-1 Cruzeiro

Due to the away goal, a penalty converted by Zé Roberto after Gabriel Jesus having been clipped inside the box, Palmeiras are very much alive in the competition. The second leg is scheduled for Wednesday 19 October.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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We hit the big 100 while enjoying an overseas vacation, with less time and opportunity to closely follow Palmeiras. That means less individual game reporting, but certainly a weekly compilation of news, your well-known “sonar pings”.

Since last time, Palmeiras played Grêmio away and Flamengo at home, both games ending in draws. Playing the gaúchos away is always hard and this time was no exception, even with the Porto Alegre team free falling. Considering what the two brought to the pitch, the draw should be considered a good result. In addition, no Palmeiras player saw the third yellow, meaning full strength at Cuca’s disposal against runners-up Flamengo previous Wednesday – by many (incorrectly) considered a decisive game, the game to define the championship. With 13 rounds to go, only a few points separating Palmeiras and Flamengo and several other major clubs fighting for title and/or a Libertadores spot, anything is possible, regardless of how last Wednesday did or did not play out.

The Allianz Parque was not packed against the cariocas, as the Supreme Tribunal of Sports have slapped a penalty on Palmeiras for the clash between Flamengo and Palmeiras ultras in Brasilia earlier this year: 5 home games with the North Sector empty (the most popular prized sector, and where Palmeiras’ organised supporters traditionally attend the games) and five away games without any ticket rights. Never mind Flamengo, as home team, were responsible for security at the Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia. Never mind there are uncertainties regarding how the fighting started. True, Flamengo were also punished, but not as severely.
The game itself was a tense affair. Apart from the initial 15 minutes, Palmeiras had the upper hand, creating more chances, especially after the sending off of Márcio Araújo. Even so, lack of attention permitted Flamengo to open up the scorecard, the Lex Ex again taking its toll after a well-placed shot by former Palmeiras player Alan Patrick. Coach Cuca acted rapidly, promoting Barrios and Marques on Gabriel and Guedes, and later Cleiton Xavier on Tchê. The all-or-nothing approach resulted in tremendous pressure and with ten minutes left, Gabriel Jesus scored the equaliser. Palmeiras looked set on turning things around, but the sand ended up running a bit too fast through the hourglass.

The result maintains Palmeiras in the lead, one point ahead of Flamengo. Yesterday, the 25th round was completed as third-placed Atlético Mineiro beat Sport to close in on the leader, now only three point ahead. Palmeiras’ much superior goal balance could prove decisive (knock on wood: we need no heart attack scenarios).

Palmeiras have withdrawn to the training grounds in Atibaia, all focus on Saturday’s derby against Corinthians. Cuca has already signalled Edu Dracena as Vítor Hugo’s replacement, the centre back suspended after receiving his third yellow against Flamengo. Also Gabriel Jesus saw his third yellow, but Cuca has not yet indicated his preference, likely keeping it a secret until the last minute. My guess is we will have Erik back in the starting eleven.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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Palmeiras came out victorious from the derby, beating Corinthians with the one brace from Cleiton Xavier. By decision of the local authorities, only home team supporters were allowed tickets and the attendance record was broken as almost 40.000 palmeirenses filled up the seats.

carryingYou remember the father, in Brasilia, who in tears carried his disabled son out of a pepper spray-filled Mané Garrincha stadium? In a joint effort by supporters and Palmeiras, he was quickly identified and Palmeiras invited his whole family to São Paulo to attend a training session, meet the players and later attend the derby at the Allianz Parque. No way of mistaking the joy on young Kaylon’s face. I strongly recommend the video below. Congratulations to everyone involved!

What concerns the judicial aftermath of the Brasilia incident, it turned into a joke, as expected. Palmeiras have no relationship whatsoever with the organised supporter groups. It was Flamengo’s home game, Flamengo were responsible for security at the stadium. The Supreme Tribunal of Sports, the STJD, based in Rio de Janeiro, fined Flamengo R$ 50.000 and further penalised the club with one home game at least 100 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro (where all Flamengo’s home games currently are played anyway, due to the Maracanã being reserved for the Olympic Games). Palmeiras were fined R$ 80.000 and forced to play a home game before empty stands: considering the habitual massive turnout at the Allianz Parque, this equals a fine of R$ 1 million or more. I will not repeat my views on the STJD.

In the middle of the week, Palmeiras played Coritiba, away. Palmeiras dominated from start to finish and were comfortably leading 1-2 when some of “our” organised supporters decided to light flares as the game entered injury time. The referee stopped the game, according to standard procedure in Brazil, and the break lasted for a few minutes, which was enough for Coritiba to regain their posture for a last charge. Our players were not alert and Palmeiras suffered the equaliser. Extremely frustrating. Those two points could prove crucial. And, of course, Palmeiras are likely to face the STJD again.

Ahead of yesterday’s home game against Santa Cruz, large banners were printed with appeals to supporters to behave. “Please don’t light flares, please don’t fight or destroy the stadium, please help Palmeiras identify wrongdoers”. Palmeiras put on another convincing performance, wearing the new white second uniform and beating Santa Cruz 3-1, this time without having to deal with friendly fire. Let us keep it this way: it is hard enough with just the competition and the disastrous refereeing.

After nine rounds, Palmeiras stand at 19 points, awaiting the result from Internacional’s away game (Figueirense) later today to learn which of the two enter next week as leader. On Tuesday, América Mineiro await at the Allianz Parque, then Cruzeiro away on the Saturday: both these opponents are currently in the bottom four, so Palmeiras have a realistic chance of walking away with the six points.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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Last Sunday away against Joinville, Palmeiras reportedly played one of their most uninspiring games of all times: the goalless draw was a sleeping pill from start to finish and not even injecting Valdivia or Kelvin into the formula had any effect. With that, Palmeiras compute two draws in two games in the Brazileirão – certainly not the start foreseen.

This week coach Oswaldo stepped up the pace at practice sessions.

Sunday, at the novel time of 11am, Palmeiras welcome Goiás at the Allianz Parque. An astonishing 30.000 tickets have already been sold. For a Sunday morning game. Against a rather inexpressive opponent. At the start of the championship. Palmeiras are something else.

Speaking of the Allianz Parque, our stadium is once again nominated for an International award, having previously won the 2014 “Stadium of the Year” of the Stadium DataBase and the “Most Spectacular of the Future” by Spanish El Gol Digital. This time, the Allianz Parque is one of the finalists for the “New Venue Award”, of The Stadium Business. Stay tuned.  

Maikon Leite has left the squad to joint Sport of Recife for the remainder of the season. Early in the year, the fast forward enjoyed Oswaldo’s confidence, but soon enough showed his limitations. As Leite’s contract with Palmeiras ends in May of next year, we’ll likely not see him fly our colours anymore. Which is good news.

Change to the squad is not stopping with Leite: a few other players, like Ayrton and Victor Luis, are likely to continue their careers elsewhere. Oswaldo is looking at a reduced squad, but also making room for the 2-3 athletes Alexandre Mattos is expected to bring in for the Brazilian championship.

Then there’s Dudu. You will remember he was shown the red card in the second leg of the Paulistão final against Santos and that in the turmoil that followed on the pitch, he gave the referee a little shove from behind. Well, the almighty Supreme Tribunal of Sports this week sentenced Dudu to a 180 days suspension. Palmeiras’ lawyers will appeal. In similar cases, the initial sentence has been converted to a three-game suspension. Brazilian justice at its best, with zero predictability. Especially as we’re talking Palmeiras.

Well, at least we now know our next adversary in the Brazil Cup: after having drawn twice with Vitória, ASA is the team to beat. The first leg will be played on Wednesday next week, the second leg yet without a date.

Rounding things off with a special mention to all our German fans out there: Zé Roberto promoting the TV Palmeiras youtube channel and its 300K+ subscribers – of course, in German.

Sich freuen, der Sieg ist unser!

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Last round of the Brazilian Championship 2013. Portuguesa vs. Grêmio, a game without any relevance in terms of ascension, relegation, access to the Libertadores Cup or the Copa Sulamericana. Nothing.

32 minutes into the second half, Portuguesa commit what can only be regarded as a silly blunder: suspended player Héverton comes on for the paulista team.

Minutes ago, Portuguesa were punished by the Superior Tribunal of Sports for the infringement, and to the letter: Portuguesa lost the one point from the goalless draw against Grêmio and an additional three points. With that, Portuguesa drop four positions in the tables, finishing in the relegation zone. And saving Fluminense from second division play in 2014.

Did Portuguesa commit an infringement? Certainly. Is the punishment proportional to the crime? Certainly not. Not that any of the judges involved in the Rio de Janeiro-based STJD would agree to that.

And Fluminense? Based on historical merit and curious circumstances, the carioca club cements its position as Brazil’s most loathed.

While this blogger wonders how on earth he could be so naive as to entitle the previous post “Brasileirão 2013 – final statements”.

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