Sonar pings #26

Arena Baruari replacing the Canindé stadium
Palmeiras have been using the Canindé stadium – belonging to the Associação Portuguesa de Desportos, or Portuguesa in short – for hosting games while the New Arena is being built. After Saturday’s game against Figueirense, Palmeiras supporters clashed with Portuguesa supporters heading toward the Canindé to commemorate their return to the first division. It’s not clear exactly what happened or how it started, but Portuguesa supporters were reportedly making fun of Palmeiras, predicting the teams relegation to the second division.

After the incident, Palmeiras declared that remaining home games will be played at the Barueri stadium. Renting the Barueri will be cheaper but won’t make supporters happy, as it is located outside the capital of São Paulo.

Atlético Mineiro vs Palmeiras
Tomorrow, Palmeiras confront Atlético Mineiro in Belo Horizonte. Atlético have the same number of points as the first relegated team, but seem to have reached bottom and are now developing in a positive way, having last week beaten Fluminense 2-0 in Rio de Janeiro. Will Palmeiras be able to surprise? If you enjoyed the “Mission Impossible” franchise, tune in tomorrow Sunday at 6pm, Brasilia time. Satisfaction not guaranteed.

Valdivia makes headlines again
El Mago made headlines this week due to the publication of some pictures of him snogging with a woman who isn’t his wife. Snapped in February, the pictures obviously caused damage to our midfielder and his marriage. Very remorseful, he appeared before the press and apologised to his wife and family, in addition to claiming that this has been the worst year in his career but that he feels the support from Scolari and the rest of the squad and that he will do better.


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