The first shiver

Not 300, but somewhere between 400-600 palmeirenses showed up yesterday night in defiance of the pouring rain to carry the hope of 15 million supporters and – with the help of their voices, banners, loudspeakers and instruments – send the clearest of message to the counsellors gathered inside the Academia: DIRECT VOTE – NOW! and NO TO THE MANAGING COUNCIL!

The demonstration was peaceful from beginning to end, but the underlying anger and frustration was more than tangible and reached through space and closed doors to the counsellors, fuelling the spirit of allies on the inside and striking a chord of fear in the hearts of the leeches. As President of the Council José Ângelo Vergamini tried to execute the coup, he was fiercely opposed by prominent persons of the opposition – including Recchi, Criscio, Belluzzo, Galassi, Corona and Cipullo – who each in his own way addressed the gathered counsellors and revealed the charade with such conviction and force that Mustafá and his puppets, after several hours of resistance, saw no other alternative than to abdicate from their foul proposal. VICTORY!

Cornrado Cacace reckons that what happened yesterday – with an opposition defying and defeating a proposal put forward by Mustafá – would have been unthinkable a few years back. Today, it’s a reality: the larger batch of newly elected opposition counsellors, backed by supporters tasting blood, did the trick. It was also possible due to a massive mobilisation campaign, primarily in social media. There are many unsung heroes today that contributed to yesterday’s success.

Be there no doubt: this was just the first round of many. In fact, yesterday only served to avoid a catastrophe, but no real progress has yet been made. We still don’t know when and how the voting for Direct Elections will take place, nor when/if Mr Vergamini will decide to again bring forward the Managing Counsel proposal for a vote. We must stay alert and be ready to summon again. And keep the pressure up. We know the drill by now.

Below, a selection of pictures that need no description (all credits to Fabio Braga/Folhapress). AVANTI PALESTRA!


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