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Ahead of tomorrow’s Paulistão final, Palmeiras this morning opened up the Allianz Parque, inviting supporters to accompany the last training session before the derby. With some 31.500 spectators of all ages and social classes present, the stadium pulsated in an impressing display of passion and union. The event also rendered close to 40 tonnes of food products, collected for distribution to the needing.

What a jackpot, Palmeiras, on so many levels!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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Many this morning had the first opportunity of their lives to visit the Allianz Parque.


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Shortly before last Friday’s training session, Palmeiras’ squad, trainers and technical staff paid a visit to the “Centre of Excellence” under construction at the club’s training grounds, the Football Academy. Close to conclusion, the Centre is where the squad will stay during the day(s) preceding Palmeiras’ games. Athletes will have a first-class structure at their disposal: private accommodation, auditorium for lectures, dining hall, games room and a mini-cinema. The facilities also include brand new medical and physiology departments with state-of-the-art instruments, a swimming pool for regenerative work, and a large gym.

Initially financed by Palmeiras’ sponsor Crefisa, the conclusion of the Centre is being paid for by president Paulo Nobre – a more than generous, personal gift from him to the club.

The official inauguration is expected towards the end of the month.

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Ricardo Gareca is not the Grand Master of football coaches, nor is he a revolutionary. Still, he’s undoubtedly bringing some new thinking intothe Brazilian context – at least if judged by his first six weeks at Palmeiras.

palmeiras-gareca-apito-640x480-Cesar-Greco-FotoarenaThose who have been following training sessions assert that Gareca is very detailed in his instructions and that he has 4-5 tactical variations for each situation. In the words of Raul Bianchi, a well-known radio personality of the Web Radio Verdão and Mondo Palmeiras independent media, describing training sessions: “When coach Kleina talked, players smiled. When Scolari talked, players pretended to listen. When Gareca talks, players do as told.”

In an earlier post I’ve mentioned Gareca’s predisposition for allowing the young and promising gather experience at top level – even if that means coming in 20 minutes from the end with Palmeiras losing at home. It’s early to assert, but Gareca seems to bother little with pressure. We hear a lot in Brazil that one cannot expose young players to difficult situations, as this will mark them, take away their self-esteem, and possibly even destroy their careers. Gareca seems to think differently: give the kids a chance and they will rise to the occasion – if not immediately, in due time. Or not. That’s all there is to it.
Against Avaí, Gareca swapped no less than eight of the players that were on and lost against Cruzeiro. Not because they performed badly, but because he wanted key player fit for Sunday’s derby. True, the derby is very important, but it’s hard to imagine a Brazilian coach, having lost his first two games, send a mixed bag to an important away game: the fear of losing a third straight – and the pressure to follow – would have him assembling his strongest side both in the Brazil Cup and in the derby to follow, allowing him to claim he did what was possible. In stark contrast, Gareca expresses not only confidence in his squad and in his work, but also shows he’s not worried about external pressure or about losing his head. Part of that must certainly also be credited the Nobre administration, who are discretely working on Gareca’s wish list of reinforcements and backing Gareca up in whatever way is needed for him to feel strong. At least yesterday, it went well, with Palmeiras beating Avaí 2-0, both goals by Felipe Menezes. Highlights below.

After the game, Gareca participated in the press conference, then a) went to the airport with the squad. b) went to the hotel. c) went out for a good meal and some drinks to celebrate. d) headed back to the Ressacada stadium to conduct a one-hour training session with all players not in the starting eleven against Avaí – including those coming on during the course of the game. Congratulations to those of you who picked option “d”. Actually, congratulations to Palmeiras and all of us for having found such a dedicated coach.

Dedicated, yes. But also unusual. Gareca commanded a training session minutes after having won the game. And gave the squad a day off after having lost to Cruzeiro.

The return game against Avaí takes place on 6 August, at the Pacamebu. Before that, two games in the Brasileirão: Bahia on 3 August and Corinthians this coming Sunday. There’s also the game against Fiorentina/ITA on 30 July for the EuroAmerican Cup, when Palmeiras will show off their new (and last) centenary kit. More on that later.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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