Bolt Strikes Palmeiras!

Usain Bolt, this year completing a decade holding the Athletics 100 and 200 metres dash records, just concluded a visit to Brazil. He came to celebrate the unprecedented record milestone, participate in the launch of PUMA’s new performance sneakers Hybrid NX, and hang with the Palmeiras squad at the club’s training facility, playing futmesa, a popular game among players, a mash of football and table tennis.

BOLT PALMEIRAS (7) (cropped)

Palmeiras president Mauricio Galiotte gave Bolt the grand tour of the training facilities. “I’m passionate about football and Brazil, so it’s always rewarding to be here and meet with great football stars”, Bolt explained. “I’m having the opportunity to visit the training center of one of the main football clubs in the world and I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen here, it’s really awesome! I had a lot of fun playing futmesa with the Palmeiras players. They are almost as good as me” he concluded with a grin.

BOLT PALMEIRAS (26) (cropped2)

“It is an honor for Palmeiras to receive athletes that has made history, such as Usain Bolt. A unique experience and inspiration for the whole group of players, in addition to showing everyone the quality of our training center and strength of Brazilian football”, said Galiotte. 

The fastest man on Earth also attended yesterday’s launch of PUMA’s new performance sneaker, the Hybrid NX, mixing modern design with cutting-edge cushioning technology. Just like Palmeiras, Bolt is sponsored by PUMA. Talk about start quality!
HYBRID NX EVENT (2) (cropped)


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