Long live Palestra. Long live Palmeiras.


In the life of S.E. Palmeiras, 20 September represents a birth certificate. Not just by name or form, but as the symbol of the resistance of a legion that fought all intolerance that surge in times of war. It speaks less of sports and achievements, and much more of the principles and values ​​that guide us since our glorious and blessed foundation on 26 August 1914.

With intelligence, poise and common sense, we adapted to the dark times. We rode out the storm with wisdom. We wore the Brazilian national team jersey. We conquered the world. We became the biggest champion in Brazil. The champion of the twentieth century, in the country of football. The hatred of our antagonists, who had tried to annihilate us, strengthened us. Love won. Love always wins. Unbeatable and unsurpassed, against all ignorance and darkness.

Since those days, the palestrina soul is embodied in Palmeiras, forged with blood, determination and courage of the idealists who bequeathed to us a dream that stands the test of time with bravery and devotion. May we hold the strength and lucidity to always keep the flame burning. Long live Palestra. Long live Palmeiras!

— ooo —
By Fernando Galuppo

* read more on the 20 September 1942 here.

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